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By: Barbara Ann Brennan

Energy body (or aura) has 7 main layers, each of them relating to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual condition of man. These aura layers transmit information between the body (through the chakra system) and the immediate external environment. The layers have an ovoid shape and are arranged one inside the other. Each layer or level is an energy field varying vibration. The outer layers are larger and with higher vibration. As with the chakra system, there are many more layers (over 50), but they are not important to us while we are in the physical life. Each layer of aura corresponds to one chakra.

Three lesser astral layers are connected with the manifestation of physical and serve to form your personality. It is also believed that they begin to develop at conception and disappear at death.

Etheric body – first layer of aura

The etheric body is the first layer of the aura after the physical body and can be seen as a bridge between the physical body and subtle bodies. Connected with First Chakra (Root).
Since it is the closest to the physical body, it is the densest, but at a higher vibrational level than the physical body.
Etheric body gives vitality and organization to the physical body. It transmits energies of the higher bodies down to our physical consciousness. This is the layer that corresponds to the physical life, feelings, physical pleasure and pain, and physical health and wellbeing.
First aura layer
Name etheric body
Expression of consciousness – I exist, according to my beliefs.
Needs this level physical copy of the body – Connects to the health, survival, security, comfort and pleasure.
Chakra-Root Chakra (Muladhara)
Color reacts – Red
Sound reacts -“C”
Negative beliefs – disease and physical pain.
Effect of negative beliefs-Physical illness, splicing, interruptions or disturbances in the ether layer.
Form and structure of the etheric body
Etheric body copy the form of the physical body and extends 1 to 5 cm around it. It vibrates at a frequency of 15-20 cycles per second. Its shape is composed of a plurality of power channels, called meridians. These channels form a network on which rests the tissues of the physical body. Restrict any material is seen as a cavity in the etheric body. Something like-negative image of the physical body. This grid is primary and appears before the physical body. It is like a template, in which cells grow on the physical body.
The etheric body is in constant motion. Its color can vary from whitish blue to dark blue. The lighter color means thinner ethereal layer. In weak and sensitive people is light blue, with a gross personality is rather gray.
This layer is invisible to most people, although this is the first thing you see when you start to practice viewing the aura.
Stimulating the etheric body
Awareness of the etheric body is achieved by practices such as pranayama, tai chi, chi kung, Taoist yoga, or simply concentrate the mind on the idea of energy.
Respond to red and note “c” and belongs to the physical plane of existence.

Emotional body – second layer of aura

The emotional body is the second layer of aura, which vibrates the frequency of emotions and feelings and affects emotional balance as a whole. It is connected with the second chakra – sacred.
Second layer
Name – Emotional body
Expression of mind – I feel, according to my beliefs.
Needs this level emotions of respect for themselves and others- Self-acceptance and self-love.
Chakra – Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana)
Color which reacts – Orange
Sound reacts -“d”
Negative beliefs – Fear, anger, sorrow.
Effect of negative beliefs – Dark blocked energy, stagnation or depletion of energy.
Functions of the Emotional Body
Emotional body gives the opportunity to have desires, emotions, imagination and psychic abilities. It gives strength, which is essential for effective action and manifestation in life.
Form and structure of the Emotional Body
Although only extends from two to five centimeters from the physical body, it copies the shape of the physical body.
Emotional body looks like a soft colored clouds of fine substance in constant motion, which express the full range of our emotions. These clouds change color to changes in emotions, so they describe transmitted domestic sentiment. All colors of the rainbow can be seen here. It shows dark spots or muddy and frozen areas, places where there are emotional blockages and emotional disorders.
It is more difficult to see this layer of aura, but with practice it is possible.
Emotional feelings associated with body
Feelings of emotional body include a full range of emotions – fear, hatred and grief to love, happiness and ecstasy. They also include the full range of desired completely selfish and destructive desires to high spiritual aspiration and desire for selfless help.
Waking the Emotional Body
Emotional consciousness wakes up mainly by stimulating desire.
React to orange and note “d” and belongs to the physical plane of existence.

Mental body – a third layer of aura

Third layer of aura called Mental body. It is a still finer and higher vibration of emotional layer. This layer is connected to the vibration level of thoughts and mental processes, ego and personal power. There is a connection with the third chakra (solar plexus). It displays the thoughts and attitudes of the people.
Third layer
Name – Mental body (mental)
Expression of mind – I think according to my beliefs.
Needs that level of rational mind, understanding of the situation in a clear, linear and rational way – Also connects to your intelligence and personal power.
chakra-Solar plexus chakra (Manipura)
Color which reacts – Yellow
Sound reacts – “e”
Negative beliefs I think that I can be higher.
Effect of negative beliefs Violation of the form of the mental body, the decoupler thoughts.
The mental body functions
Mental body facilitates the cognitive ability to know. It gives us the ability to recognize and have thoughts, beliefs, ideas and higher mental abilities.
This layer of the aura is the energy that we intend to use or to change the circumstances that surround us. Many people find this magical layer of aura, because this is where you can create everything you want for your soul. This is a means of fulfilling your destiny and for the interpretation of the path that leads you through life.
Form and structure of the mental body
Mental body extends for 6 to 10 cm from the body. It is composed of finer material, the emotional body, and usually appears as a bright yellow light radiating from the head and shoulders and expanding around the body. Light is stronger and pulsates when one focuses on mental tasks. Mental body is structured body. It contains the structure of your ideas reflecting linear thinking processes and forms of your mind. The stronger and more ingrained are these thoughts, the greater is their expression in the mental body. The color of thought forms in the mental layer shows the character of your emotions attached to it. Mental body can be very difficult to imagine as people have started to develop and use intellect consciously recently.
Conscious of the mental body
Mental consciousness ranging from the recognition of specific, detailed, specific to the recognition of common, comprehensive, abstract.
Waking the mental body
Mental body is activated through teaching, research, reading, some types of energy stimulation, and some practices meditation.
Respond to yellow and note “e” and belongs to the physical plane of existence.

Astral body – fourth layer of aura

Fourth layer
Named- Astral Body
Expression of mind- I desire, according to my beliefs.
Needs this level of interaction between people- Love and relationships with others, with yourself, with your body and God.
chakra- Sadechna chakra (Anahata)
Color which reacts- Green
Sound reacts “F”
Negative beliefs -Desire for excellence
Effect of negative beliefs- Blockages in the astral layer, dark forms – tightness in the chest or heart, stagnant energy.
The astral body is the fourth layer of the aura and is associated with areas of expression of ethereal, emotional and mental layer. There is a connection with the fourth chakra (heart). It shows your capacity for conditional and unconditional love.
Functions of the astral body
Astral layer is called a bridge between the denser, lower vibrations of the physical and subtle levels, higher levels of spiritual vibrations. In other words, the astral layer is not only the dividing line, but also the connection of the lower three layers with higher three. In this layer of aura, pass all the energy moves from one world to the other. Almost all healing energies coming from the astral layer, as this is the layer of love and conditional and universal, and is the first of spiritual layers. This body connects you to the higher dimensions of reality. It is the door to the astral world. Much of the interaction between people is carried out on the astral plane. Large patches of color are spread in the space between people, some pleasant, others not so much. This difference is felt very well. For example, two people can apparently be avoided each other, but on the energy level held turbulent communication.
Form and structure of the astral body
The astral body is composed of colored clouds more beautiful than the emotional body. While emotional tends to have the same set of colors, there is a pink light of love. It extends from 15 to 30 cm from the body. When people fall in love, they can see the beautiful pink light arcs between their hearts and add a beautiful pink color to the normal golden pulsations of the pituitary gland. From chakras grow filaments that connect the pair. When the connection is completed, these fibers are torn, sometimes causing severe pain.
Emotional experience includes dreams, fantasies, experiences outside the body, near-death experiences, hallucinations, imagination and vision.
Waking the astral body
The astral body is activated by meditation.
Also meditation, psychic development techniques, techniques for travel outside the body (astral), shamanic practices lucid dreaming, drugs – especially psihedelititsi, certain practices pranayama, some types of injuries, biochemical imbalances, and some types of energy stimulation.
Respond to green and note “F” and belongs to the spiritual level of existence.

Etheric double – the fifth layer of the aura

Fifth layer
Name- etheric double
Expression of mind- I desire, according to my beliefs.
Your needs at this level copy of the physical body to a higher spiritual level. Template main point of your inner uniqueness and identity. Striving to align with the divine, to speak and to pursue the truth.
chakra- Throat chakra (Vishiddha)
Color reacts- Blue
Tone reacts- “g”
Negative beliefs- Attempt to excel
Effect of negative beliefs- Disturbances in the etheric double
Etheric double is the fifth layer of the aura and is associated with aspects of the physical body. There is a connection with the fifth chakra (throat). This layer is a mirror of the ether layer, and further comprising all forms physical body.
Functions of the etheric double
Ethereal counterpart contains all forms of physical layers, something like their drawing. Illness first layer deforms and goes out of balance with the physical body. Then ethereal counterpart can be used to restore the first layer. In the etheric double sound can create matter, so use of healing sounds can affect this layer by changing the mechanical vibration of the double. Both diseases can be monitored and treated in this layer, and be passed down to the physical body.
Form and structure of the etheric double
It extends from 30 to 60 centimeters from the body and is usually seen as a blue color of cobalt background. Like the first film, it is a negative-image of all organs and the lower layers. So it gives form to the physical body.
For visionaries template forms appear as clear or transparent lines on a blue background.
Stimulating the etheric double
Etheric double is activated by sound.
Reacts to the blue note and “g” and belongs to the spiritual level of existence.

Celestial body – the sixth layer of the aura

Sixth layer
Name- celestial body (heavenly)
Expression of consciousness- I love what I believe in.
Needs this level of group consciousness, unconditional love and spiritual ecstasy
chakra- Chakra, the third eye (Anja)
Color reacts- Indigo
Sound reacts- “a”
negative beliefs- He loves to excel
Effect of negative beliefs-Weak and blocked celestial light
Celestial body is the sixth level of the aura and is associated with enlightenment. There is a connection with the sixth chakra (third eye). It consists of light, also known as visceral level, where we have access to higher itelektualno knowledge, wisdom and information available to the collective consciousness.
Functions of the celestial body
This layer gives access to higher and feelings, thoughts and manifestations. This is the level at which we experience spiritual ecstasy. This is the layer that expresses the relationship with God, the Creator or “Everything is” run and where unconditional love. When this body is developed through raising awareness, personal growth and creative visualization, it can be extremely powerful in connecting us with our purpose in life and to give him a lot of strength and balanced perspective.
Form and structure of celestial body
Celestial body is 80 to 90 cm from the body.
It is difficult to see because its colors seem pretty brilliant light pastel colors and no particular form. This light has a gold-silver shine. This layer is quite different from the etheric double and consists of multiple beams of light.
Stimulation of the celestial body
Seletialnoto body awareness through meditation and transformation. When you arrive, we reach the point of “being.” We understand our relationship with the universe. We begin to see light and love in everything that exists. When we feel that we are one with the universe, then we raise our consciousness to the sixth level of the aura.
Unconditional love occurs when there is a connection between the open sadechna chakra and the open celestial chakra. Then we combine the human love for our brothers with spiritual love that goes beyond physical reality. Combining the two creates unconditional love.
Respond to indigo color and note “a” and belongs to the spiritual level of existence.

Causal body – the seventh layer of the aura

Seventh layer
Name- causal body (Keter)
Expression of consciousness- believe that ‘I am’
Needs this level of divine mind calm. Through this film we go and become one with the Divine. To understand the universal matrix to access akashievite records and look at our past lives
chakra-Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)
Color which reacts Violet
Sound reacts “h”
negative beliefs- Believes that excels
Effect of negative beliefs- entangling or ruptures in the seventh layer
Causal body is the seventh layer of the aura and is associated with the divine and universal consciousness. There is a connection with the seventh chakra (crown). It contains the plan of life or “soul contract” and reflects all the expertise and experiences that the soul has passed during the current life.
Functions of the causal body
Causal body refers to our current incarnation and contains the structure of the physical body and all chakras. It is the most pure form and builds the relationship with the Divine Creator, “Everything is.” In other words, this is where we become one with the universe. This layer is of such a level, what can not be experienced by limiting the perspective of your ego. This is the strongest and most resistant layer of aura.
Form and structure of the causal body
Causal body extends about one meter around the body and is composed of fine golden threads of light. It has the shape of an egg. The outer part is healthy and sustainable. On the outside of visible light colored bands known as bands of past lives. For less evolved people this layer is collapsed, while in developed people he prostiva to each as areas which should have access soul. This layer is the most intensive energy.
Very few people claim to be able to see this layer of aura.
Stimulating the causal body
Causal body is stimulated by specific techniques of meditation.
Responds to violet color and note “h” and belongs to the spiritual level of existence.
Source: From The Book Hands of Light Of Barbara Ann Brennan
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