Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The number of scientists dying in suspicious circumstances has sky rocket rocketed in the last two years.
The death of NASA mastermind Albert Behar in a plane accident in the beginning of 2015 made a total of 74 scientists dead in the past two years.

Alberto Behar was a prominent scientist and an invaluable mind in NASA’s space exploration teams. He was part of the efforts that proved that the surface of Mars has seen water in the past, through his experience on two Mars missions. An expert in robotics, his field of specialization was material endurance under the harsh conditions of high temperature and pressure. Think deep under water and on top of volcanos to get a better idea.
This could have been brushed off as just another pilot misfortune, but the death of Mr. Behar makes a 74th case of a NASA scientist death in the past two years. Naturally, more and more people are starting to ask questions and are becoming suspicious.
His death is raising even more eyebrows when you consider Behar’s qualifications and long years of experience as a airplane and helicopter pilot. He even had an instructor license and had perfect flying conditions on the day he died. Ideal wind, clear blue sky. Yet, out of reasons yet unconfirmed his plane started losing altitude and fell to the ground. Even the people who were operating the airport towe that day, people who knew him, are confused.
‘In all my years of experience working here, I have never seen anything like this. He was experienced and knowledgeable. Had such attention to detail, and yet this happened.’
This death further adds to the suspicion that what we are seeing here is a clear case of conspiracy to kill and cover up. In the series of NASA scientist deaths in the past two years, almost all of the cases were labeled either accident or suicide. The one accident that launched a wave of suspicion was the downing of the MH17 with more than 100 AIDS experts and researchers on board. One of the more prominent names on that flight was Glenn Thomas, a former spokesperson for the World Health Organization.
Another big name that ended on the MH17 flight was Joep Lange, the International AIDS Society’s former president, who along with his colleagues on that flight were on their way to attend an important global summit concerning the state of AIDS and possible cures. None of them made it to that conference.
The lost NASA minds are just part of the increasing number of scientist that humanity is losing all over the world.
For example, Melissa Ketunuti was a prominent scientist and an expert in AIDS and cancer, more specifically cervical cancer. She even led the groundbreaking research on discovering a vaccine for this cervical cancer. She was found tied and incinerated in her house basement in Philadelphia.
One of the most controversial cases was the death of Shane Truman, who was found dead in a morgue in Hong Kong. The circumstances of his death were never established, and the subsequent investigation did not reveal any details. He was working in Chine for the past few years on top secret government defenc e projects and a few months before his death he told his family that he is not happy and does not feel safe in China. A few days after he quit his job he was found dead in the morgue.
These few examples are just the tip of the ice berg as cases like these are becoming widespread in the scientific community all over the world. More and more great minds are being lost in unclear circumstances. All of them were either medical experts or engineers that were working on projects that could potentially change the world as we know it today. With a mounting number of such deaths, you can’t not become suspicious and start to ask questions, even at the risk of being labeled a conspiracy theorist.
We live in times when information sharing is easy and so many people can make something up or add to an existing information and call it fact. It is hard to know the line between a planned murder and an accident. We are left only with our moral obligation to continue searching for facts and exposing any suppressed information. The truth must be available to all of us.
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