Tuesday, May 16, 2017

While you may feel called to serve and care for those around you, the term Lightworker may be one you hesitate to fully connect with. This term may bring to mind overly new age individuals, preaching their views of spirituality to large audiences, saving large crowds of people with a single inspirational talk.

While some may choose to use their gifts in a very public way, others take a more ‘behind the scenes approach’. There are several different types of lightworkers operating around us each and every day, helping to serve and bring peace to those that they encounter. Many of these individuals live what we would see as completely ‘normal’ lives – holding down a corporate job, living in your neighborhood, driving a modest vehicle.
You don’t have to be in the spotlight to bring positivity to the world around you. That doesn’t diminish your journey and purpose in any way! Each of these 11 types of Lightworkers play a very important role.
It is important to note that most lightworkers find they embody many of these descriptions, or that their role may change overtime. This is normal, and identifying where you fit is a very personal, spiritual journey. Trust your intuition and inner guidance, and you will find the best method for you to use your gifts to be of service to those around you.

01. Wayshowers

Wayshowers have found their own inner peace, and live their life in a way that sets an example for others who wish to follow in their footsteps. They may not be actively trying to teach and share their gift, but by simply being themselves and continuing in their own journey they help to bring peace to those that are following their example.

02. Healers

There are many different forms of healing, and those that identify as healers may focus on one, or many, in their efforts to serve all souls and beings including humanity and the animal kingdom. They may find themselves called to focus on mental, emotional, physical or spiritual healing. These individuals recognize the importance of prioritizing their own self-healing to be able to share their gift with others.

03. Messengers

Messengers receive guidance from Spirit, and their job is to relay this message to humanity. The way in which they choose to share this message may differ, employing a variety of mediums including blogging, writing, public speaking and Youtube. Regardless of how they choose to share it, their message is an important step in the awakening process and needs to be heard.

04. Dreamers

Lightworkers who act as dreamers are able to tune into the alternate dimensions of experience available only through dream space. They can understand and interpret the various imagery that comes through to them in their dreams, analysing what that means for themselves and those that they encounter in our current reality. Dreamtime allows one to connect with your higher self, bringing back messages from the angels that they feel you need to know at this current stage in your journey.

05. Divine Lightkeepers

Divine lightkeepers have the very important task of embodying the light. During times of turmoil in our world, these individuals will in turn share the light that they have embodied, uplifting humanity and neutralizing the chaotic events around us. They are the support in times of trial that allow humanity to move forward into more peaceful times.

06. Seers, Psychics, Clairvoyants

Seers, Psychics and Clairvoyants have been able to connect with those beyond the veil, opening their third eye. They can see beyond the physical, embodying the ability to provide readings or services to those that seek guidance, inspiration or empowerment.

07. Ascension Guides

These lightworkers are actively working towards ascension in their own lives, and sharing the process with those that feel called to learn more. They are hands on, still in the learning process themselves, connecting at various stages of this journey in their lives, from the initial struggle to overcome their own struggles through to the final steps and the peace they feel as they continue to ascend.

08. Transmuters

Transmuters carry the important task of transforming negative energies, neutralizing past karma and keeping balance throughout humanity. While some transmuters will work in a broader scope, others have a specific focus for their gifts, such as being born into a family with a long history of negative karma that requires their healing touch.

09. Divine Blueprint Creators and Manifestors

Divine Blueprint Creators and Manifestors are not only travelling through the journey of ascension, but in doing so they are able to bring back ideas in which they can weave light to promote positive change, enhancing the lives of those that are also joining them on this journey.  They have moved past the need to work for self interest, and instead focus on the highest interest of all.

10. Divine Blueprint Holders

All lightworkers carry a divine blueprint for their fully awakened self. Divine Blueprint Holders are able to tune into this template. Their ability to tune into this template, and share it with those around them brings about ascension in the present moment – sharing this code though the human heart grid.

11. Gridworkers and Gatekeepers

Interdimensional gates exist in various capacities in the world, providing an opportunity to connect and share with other awakened humans, allowing higher levels of light to descend upon us. Gridworkers and Gatekeepers are responsible for working these grids including the human heart grid (connecting the hearts of all awakened humans), the crystalline grid and other higher energetic grids, and those that lay along lines on the earth connecting sacred sites.
Regardless of which of these gifts you connect with, your roll as a lightkeeper is an important one! You may change roles, or grow to connect with one above all others. Only you can connect with your own inner self and discover what you feel called to do throughout your unique journey.
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