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Sometimes it might seem that the whole world is against us. However, we might be too close to the ‘painting’ to see the real truth.
Often times, WE are our own worst enemy, and we don’t even know it.

We look to find guilt in someone outside of ourselves, always pointing fingers and blaming others for our suffering.
We feel like the whole Universe conspires against us without realizing one crucial truth, The Universe is an echo.

Are YOU blocking your own way?

Most of the time, we are the ones responsible for most of our suffering.
However, if you are the one blocking your own way, it’s very likely that you are not even aware of it.
Your self makes all these excuses and stories to make you believe that someone else is the problem, that something is against you.
It does this so you don’t have to face yourself. That’s how the ego stays in power, that’s how it feeds with drama and meaning.
And once you realize this and move out of your own way, oh boy! You won’t believe how easy and effortless the things that troubled you will become.
Everything that seemed too hard or too much work, everything you wanted to do and postponed, everything that you wanted to be will simply flow naturally!

9 signs you are your own worst enemy:

The problem is not always inside. There are outer factors that sometimes can cause trouble.
However, if you are not the one blocking your way, you’ll easily find a solution or a different strategy. By no means you’ll let those outer factors keep you stuck, suffering, or in control of your life (except if you are literally a prisoner).
Here is how to know if YOU are the one blocking your way. If you experience any of these 9 signs you are your own worst enemy!

1. You are really mean to the people you love the most.

When you are with people who you don’t really care about, you can be pushed around and you won’t say a word. But if someone you love says one word you don’t like, you are so mean to them that you can’t even recognize yourself. You are angry at yourself, and when people who are emotionally closest to yourself give you a reason, you project that anger upon them.

2. You are your own worst critic.

You don’t remember the last time you saw yourself in the mirror and was satisfied, or had a kind encouraging thought. It seems like you are your own dictator. You’re always pushing yourself into things you don’t really like just to get that approval, you don’t even care how you really feel deep inside. You are too harsh on yourself.

3. You don’t have friends that are really similar to you.

This is one of the greatest signs that you are your own worst enemy. We attract aspects of ourselves that we trust the most and want to connect with. Psychologists say that we are the average of our 5 closest friends. If you don’t have friends that are really similar to you than, either you don’t trust your closest friends, or you don’t trust yourself. It is usually both.

4. You are overly judgmental.

There is not a day go by that your inner chat doesn’t seem more like a roast than a friendly dialog. You choose to be judgmental over compassionate by default. You think this is what makes you smarter than others while in fact it’s the one thing that paints your reality ugly. And you don’t do this just to other people. The most judgmental behavior is toward yourself.

5. You can’t establish the habits that you really like to have.

There are a couple of things you want to do, but every time you feel motivated enough to start it feels like it’s not the right time. You procrastinate to a level that you are not even aware. You think you are strategizing while in reality you are postponing the things you really love doing.

6. You feel out of tune with the world.

You put on a white shirt or wash your car the day it’s going to rain. When you have a great idea you don’t write it down thinking that you’ll remember it, but an hour later and the idea is gone. You miss your bus. You can’t take a compliment. Intuition is a strange subject for you. You feel like the whole world is against you. You are out of tune with the world because you are out of tune with yourself, you turn your back on yourself and your truth.

7. You over analyze.

Even if it’s something that excites you at first, you’ll start thinking about it, looking for anything that might give you an excuse not to do it. You do this with everything. Even if it’s a perfect relationship your obsessive thinking and over analyzing everything will find or create negativity. Everything has something negative if you look at the tiniest details. But you don’t analyze for a healthy reason, you analyze to prove to yourself that there can’t be anything good.

8. You compare yourself to others.

No matter what happens to you, no matter how positive, there is always someone you compare yourself to. You don’t look at your own life, at what you really like to do, you want what will make you look good in the eyes of others. This is why you are not grateful for anything. You don’t see that we all walk different paths, and even if it’s the same path we might have started from a different place.

9. You let others dictate your power.

You let others make all the plans and you don’t complain even if you don’t like those plans. You let others make you feel bad with only a comment. Their decisions dictate what you should do. You never listen to yourself and what YOU really like. You don’t realize that you have a power to do what you really like to do.

What to do if you are your own worst enemy?

Being your own worst enemy does not mean that there is someone else within you that’s trying to hurt you. It means that there is a conflict that you are not facing.
Your subconscious mind is projecting this conflict through character traits that are making you struggle. It’s like trying to seal a steaming cooking pot where the boiling water is the conflict, the steam are the negative character traits and you are the one with a steam in your face struggling to close the pot and act normal.
You’ve tried calling yourself ‘stupid’ or an ‘idiot’ and how does that work by now?
Maybe it’s time to use that over analyzing talent and ask yourself ‘why is the water boiling?’
There are 3 steps that will help you resolve this conflict and stop you from being your own worst enemy.

1. Forgive yourself;

Once you forgive yourself and show yourself love you’ll be able to see what has been boiling.

2. Face what you are running away from within yourself;

Face the conflict and realize that it’s most likely an emotion you are trying to run away from.

3. Feel the emotion and let it go;

Acknowledge the emotion. Embrace the emotion. Feel the emotion and let go of it.
And just tell yourself “I’m ok. I am not perfect. I’m not the worst either. I’m ok, and that’s completely ok.”
Try to talk to yourself as if you were the best friend of a child.
You are not your worst enemy, you just think that most things are more important than your emotions.
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