Sunday, May 28, 2017

Even if you haven’t realized it, we have all been equipped with intuition, some people know it as the “gut feeling“. Our intuition is used basically to keep us safe and helps us to make decisions by following our heart. It informs us of impending danger and guides us through life.
Even Steve Jobs, considered one of the richest men of affairs of the story, said: “Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intelligence, in my opinion. This has had a big impact on my work.”
We all have this innate ability to make decisions based on our intuition, but some of us have a better connection to that inner voice. If you tend to listen to your heart in the face of a difficult decision, then probably, you are also listening to your intuition

Here are 11 things that highly intuitive people see and experience in a different way:

  1. They listen to their deepest part

The highly intuitive people do not ignore their instincts; rather, they listen to them earnestly, and make decisions almost exclusively from this source of wisdom. Many people are still skeptical about the intuition, but others rely on that.
So, for highly intuitive people it does not matter if others think that their “inner voices” are crazy; the always listen and in some cases, this could mean the difference between life and death.
  1. The highly intuitive people need a lot of time in solitude

According to Sophy Burnham, author of the book “The Art of Intuition,” the majority of intuitive people are introvert. This makes sense, because introverts cultivate energy from within and can not hear their insights without having around them silence.
In addition, the highly intuitive people never feel alone; in fact they can not wait to spend time in solitude and catch up with the latest insight.
  1. They love to be creative

Musicians, artists, fire-eaters, dancers, writers and creators all have one thing in common: they allow their creativity to guide them through life and never call into question whether this makes sense or not.
In fact, they are following their passions, because they know that their creativity makes them feel alive. Cultivating inner creativity will allow the life force to flow within them, something that the intuitive people have already figured out.
  1. The Intuitive practice mindfulness

Intuitive people have a high level of self-awareness, meaning they are keenly in tune with their inner feelings and perspectives about themselves. They learned this through a kind of peaceful spiritual practice, which allows them to clear the outside world for a while ‘and pay attention only to the inner knowledge.
These people tend to have less ‘mental fog’, because they have learned to sit quietly with themselves, then, to feel comfortable in solitude. Their thoughts do not affect them anymore, because they know how to let them go.
  1. They pay attention to what is have around them

Intuitive people look at the outside world with open eyes and heart. They can connect deeply with others, because they have learned to do it by connecting with themselves.
  1. They pay attention to their emotions

This does not mean that every pain requires drastic measures, but the intuitive people know they need to pay attention to how they feel in order to take care of themselves. Science has discovered that our gut is essentially a second brain because of the large number of neurons lining the intestinal walls.
  1. They are empathic

The highly intuitive people have a special talent for understanding and empathy. They are able to offer advice and guidance when needed. Often people approach them to share intimate details of their lives, because they feel immediately at home in the company of an intuitive person.
Intuitive people can also read the other without having to say a word, this helps them to better understand each individual.
  1. They pay attention to the universal messages

The universe speaks to us in a variety of ways and intuitive people know it. They do not see anything like a coincidence, such as frequently see the same numbers on a clock, or to see the same person at the mall from time to time. Everything has meaning for the intuitive person.
  1. They put themselves in first place

Even if they relate well with others, intuitive people naturally put themselves in first place, so that they can better serve others. They take time off from work when needed and create their spaces every day to flow through their inner wisdom.
They believe in working smarter and have difficulty understanding our obsessed society. Intuitive people make sure first of all, to feel good about themselves.
  1. Do not dwell on negative thoughts

Intuitive people know that their inner voice can not flow with the negative energy by blocking the knowledge and healing waves. Thus, their intuitive balance and their energy, releases negative emotions in order to let them go.
  1. They love(feel) deeply

This type of people can not keep their emotions to themselves, as opposed they let them flow and create space for others to do the same. Intuitive people will feel totally at ease in their own skin and do not apologize for having human emotions.

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