Saturday, May 6, 2017

Energy, whether spiritual or physical is the power which rules and governs the body by balancing its abilities. Unfortunately, when our energy becomes unbalanced due to leaks, our lives can become completely scattered, and impossible to handle.

According to ancient Yoga traditions, a lioness holds milk within her that is so powerful that there is no container that can properly hold it other than gold. And if the golden container is not pure, her milk will eat right through it. In the same manner, when we practice our spiritual life and find that the benefits are not lasting, we may have some energy leaks that are allowing us to lost everything that we have worked for. Think about it, how many times have you left a yoga session, or finished reading into a fascinating new theory, and felt pretty inspired?
Then, without notice, the feeling was lost, and its as if nothing even happened? This is an energy leak. And if you have one, you are most definitely not alone. Thankfully, there is a way to fix this, once and for all.
So how do you truly know when you have a leak? While there are various causes, here is a pretty detailed list of symptoms encountered by most.
  • worrying about anything
  • people pleasing behavior
  • draining relationships
  • judging/criticizing yourself and others on a daily basis
  • fear based thinking
  • wanting things to be different than they are
  • complaining
  • clutter in your living/work environment
  • clutter in your mind
  • ignoring/worrying about your finances
  • self-doubt
Logically, the next step upon discovering that we do indeed have a leak would be to plug it. So how exactly does one do this?
1. You Have to Let Go of People Who Drain You
Spiritual vampires who mentally and physically drag you down time after time must be let go of. You cannot grow spiritually when you allow others to completely undermine your spiritual growth by sucking the life from your mind, body and soul. They will leave massive leaks that must be plugged, and the only way to plug them is to let go.
2. Do Not Lie to Yourself
Stay true to yourself about everything. Even when the truth seems too hard to handle, the only way you can hold down your own fortress is by protecting it. The only way you can protect it is by being real with yourself regarding the threats that come your way, even if they are you.
3. Learn to Say No
It can be so hard to say no to things and people sometimes. However, it is absolutely necessary. Just as the spiritual vampire drains your life force, so does trying to serve everyone but yourself. In order to do anything with all that you have, you must first protect the energy contained within your temple.
4. Clear Out Clutter
Have you ever took to cleaning your personal space, and when you finished realized that it was as if a weight had been lifted off of your shoulders? It is because technically, a weight is lifted off of your shoulders when physical clutter isn’t posing as a barricade against your spiritual energy.
5. Cut Out Addiction
Addictions to drugs, alcohol, sugar, gambling, etc., can prove quite harmful to any spiritual practice. As you become more and more obsessed with the never-ending cycle of pleasure, rather than remaining focused on fulfilling your soul, the more energy that seeps from your body. Start working towards ending those bad habits, so that you may hold the maximum amount of spiritual goodness as possible.
6. Meditate
Meditation has been proven to offer a number of benefits, both spiritual and otherwise. And while it may seem hard at first, getting started is actually quite simple. Just set aside five minutes each day at first. Go to a quiet space, and shut off your electronics. Focus on your breathing and empty your mind. Imagine a blank sheet of paper. When thoughts come to mind, erase them, and move back to the blank paper. Don’t worry, everyone gets distracted to trick is to non-judgmentally observe the thought and to quickly push it away.
7. Take Care of Your Health
How can your spiritual body function properly when your physical body is deteriorating? And while I’m not advocating for you to become a health nut, until you are ready to do so, improving your various habits can increase your ability to hold spiritual energy exponentially. These habits include sleeping at least eight hours each day, drinking plenty of water, cutting down on fat, cutting down on sugar, and allowing time for more physical activity. Even if you walk around the block one time each day, it is the little changes that make the difference, so get started today!
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