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By: Luzia Light
Reiki (ray-key) – a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Reiki is a japanese word meaning ‘Universal Life Energy’. I often refer to reiki simply as Energy Healing because that’s what it is. Keeping things simple.
We are all made of energy. It’s a scientific fact. All matter is made of light and sound. We are all vibrating energy. The table in front of you is also made of light and sound. So, it only makes sense that you can heal your energy body with healing energy. Whenever you feel unwell, there is resistance towards this divine energy that you are made of. Healing Energy simply reminds your body what it’s “supposed to do”. It shows the body how to vibrate again at a high, healthy frequency. So, then the part of your body that has this sluggish, dark, stuck energy (pain, inflammation, unwellness in any from) is exposed to the high frequency of healing energy and adjusts itself back to it. This is basically how energy healing works. There are many, many ways to heal yourself, energy healing is just one of them. It’s very simple and anyone can do it. I think they should teach it in elementary school, really. It is just so extremely helpful, because our lives can be so stressful and our bodies therefore tend to get sick quite often. Ideally, you want to decrease the stress in your life, so you don’t get sick in the first place, but until that happens reiki is an incredible tool that you have always with you. You can reiki yourself in the checkout line at the grocery store! Anytime, anywhere.
So, I highly recommend that everyone learns how to heal themselves with Energy Healing. If you want to try it out first with a professional practitioner, go and book a session and see how it feels and how it works.
The beautiful thing about Energy Healing is…
a) You don’t have to know what is wrong with your body. Reiki goes first wherever it is needed most, no matter where you put your hands. You don’t need to be diagnosed and you don’t need to diagnose yourself. If something doesn’t feel good or you experience pain and aches or soreness from inflammation, simply use reiki and see what happens. The newer your ailment is, the quicker it will disappear. If you have been suffering from some sort of chronic disease for a long time, you probably need to reiki every day for a few days or even a couple of weeks. 3 days is a good amount of time, and about an hour each day works well. Fever in children can disappear as quickly as in 3-5 minutes and it doesn’t come back. Children are easy. They’re suckers for reiki. 
Their energy is very soft and malleable, because they are so “new”. 
b) You can’t really do anything wrong. If you intend for healing energy to come into your body, it will come.You can reiki yourself for 5 minutes or an hour. And the energy might keep flowing afterwards, too. You may experience a warm, tingling feeling, but it could be a cool feeling as well, or you may feel nothing, but I think that is very rare. Reiki feels like you are being hugged with love on the inside. It’s just wonderful. You might feel all of a sudden very relaxed and want to take a nap. Or you might feel more energized and want to go out and do things. Whatever your body needs, reiki will ‘set things right’.


Here is a way to try to practice Energy Healing on yourself. All you need to do is:
1. Put your hands palm up and imagine love and light from God and the Universe streaming into your hands. You can say a prayer or ‘thank you’ if you like.
2. Lay both of your hands on your upper chest, over your breast bone on top of each other. Underneath the breast bone is your thymus gland which produces t-cells, which are part of your body’s immune system. T-cells fight bacteria, viruses and cancer cells. B-cells also fight the same cells but are generated in your bone marrow. So, if you are new to reiki, putting your hands on top of your thymus gland is a great way to jumpstart your immune system. And if you do it for the first time, it’s an easy place to feel the warm tingling energy of the healing energy.
3. Just let the energy flow. Your intent switches the reiki on. So, all you need to say is “Abracadabra” – well, I’m kidding, but you could say that, whatever gets you in the mood, really. I simply think: “Go, reiki!” Kind of like cheering it on. 
I think the best mantra is probably: “Just let the energy flow.” My reiki master told me years ago that the energy comes in through your crown chakra, goes to your heart and then from your heart into your hands out into your or someone else’s body. Since this is divine energy that is probably correct. However, I believe, we are all divine life energy, and we are surrounded by divine life energy, so it is accessible in any way you can imagine. You don’t have to think about how the energy gets to your hands, really, all you need to do is “intent for it to flow”. I often say “Your intent can move mountains” and it’s true, it’s what makes anything happen in your life.
Once you are more familiar with Energy Healing, you can put your hands anywhere on your body. If you lay your hands on others, make sure to cut off the energy flow when you’re done by washing your hands in cold water. If you don’t have access to water, you can use your right arm like a sword and imagine cutting off the energy. You could even do that in your mind only. Just like your intent switches the energy on, your intent also stops it.
Dr. Mikao Usui, who re-introduced reiki in the late 19th century, liked to sit in the Gassho position when he reikied himself because the palms of your hands are connected through meridians to your entire body. This way, if you let reiki flow through your hands while you hold them in prayer position, your entire body receives reiki. Gassho literally means: two hands coming together. You put your hands together in upright position at heart/chest level. So, you could simply sit in Gassho position and think: “Dear loving Universe, let the healing energy flow. Thank you.”


Distance Energy Healing works with the Cosmic Lattice, which is the energy grid that permeates the earth and the entire Universe. It’s the same grid that enables you to “feel” when someone is thinking of you, or when someone is just about to call you, etc. If you want to send someone Healing Energy, all you have to do is write their full name on a piece of paper and hold it between your hands. Again, your intent switches on the healing, and you let the energy flow for as long as you like. 10-20 minutes is usually a good time. You can also, in your mind, ask the person’s Higher Consciousness for permission. Even if you don’t “see” their Higher Consciousness or Higher Self in your mind you will get a sense if it’s okay to send healing energy. It almost always is. If another person doesn’t want to receive distance healing, it will not go through. You can feel that the energy doesn’t flow. So, you cannot really push healing on someone who doesn’t want it.
The great thing about distance healing is that you can instantly reiki the entire body. In a regular reiki session, the practitioner uses 12 hand positions that take up about an hour of time until the whole body has been treated. But when you use distance healing, the entire body receives healing energy the entire time. So, it’s very efficient and very powerful. Usually 20 minutes are enough to create a significant shift towards your body’s healing process.


You can also book a distance healing session with me (or other wonderful practitioners online). Go to my Healing Room page and follow instructions there. Click here.


I found this great reiki website recently and just had to share their method of self-attunement. I am a certified reiki practitioner myself and can’t try this out, because I have been attuned years ago, but please feel free to try this. Basically, anybody can give reiki to themselves and others, however, once you are attuned, the flow of healing energy simply becomes stronger and more focused, so it works faster and more efficiently. But even without attunement, you can reiki yourself right now.
How to attune yourself to Reiki
Source: The Grassroots Reiki Free Internet Site
“Self-attuning to Reiki is extremely effective, and VERY simple. In this 21st century – there is absolutely no need to have to look for someone else to empower you into the way of Reiki. Dr Usui was not attuned by anyone else, and thanks to the work and experimentation of many Free Reiki groups we now know that self attunement is just as powerful as any other kind of attunement method. Please try the method below and see for yourself!
You can dress this simple method up in any way that feels right to you.  You can ask your Reiki guides, or angels, or ascended Masters to be present during your attunement (whatever feels right and fits with your religion or belief system)  You can play music, light candles, burn incense, whatever you like.
1. Sit in Gassho position (hands in prayer position in front of you).

2. “Intend” to receive a full Reiki attunement.
3. Imagine that you have roots growing out of your feet and going down into the earth below you and grounding and earthing your entire body.
4. When you are ready, visualise (imagine) white light entering the crown of your head and filling the whole of your body from top to toe.  See it entering each one of your chakras in turn, filling, cleansing, balancing and harmonising each one.  Visualise the white light filling your arms and the whole of your hands then coming out of the palms of your hands and filling the whole world!
5. Sit for as long as you like, before drawing your ‘roots’ up from the earth and bringing yourself back into the present, now fully attuned to Reiki.
This method is as effective as hands on attunements by a ‘qualified’ Reiki teacher, and as effective as distant attunements, or any other attunement method that there is.  Reiki is no longer confined to only those who can pay for it, or only those who can travel to find someone willing to attune them, or to only those who ask for the attunement from another person. Reiki is our birthright, and as such anyone who wants to be attuned can be, no matter what method they use.
GRR Self Attunement Method is copyright of GRR.  Please feel free to share it in its entirety with anyone who will benefit from using it. If you change anything from the necessary steps given before the words “You can dress this up…….”  then please remember that you are now using your own method and not ours!
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