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If you are an introvert you’ve most likely felt that there was something wrong with you while growing up. We’ve all been there!
Introverts feel this way because their natural desire is to stay at home while the social game is ‘played’ outside.

They don’t prefer to stay at home because they try to hide from the world, it’s just what naturally feels better for them, it’s how their character thrives.
However, because not many of them understand this, they can start doubting themselves thinking there’s something wrong with them and their confidence.
This doubting is what actually drains their confidence, so they start being fearful, they become people pleasers, perfectionists and always going against their nature.
Worst of all, they couldn’t attract other people because they don’t know how to use their naturally given magnetism.
And with time, this way of living makes them more and more blind to their real strengths that introversion can offer.

Introverts Can Be One Of The Most Attractive People You Know

If Introverts learn how to use their strengths to their own advantage they can become some of the most attractive people you know.
Once they embrace their nature and realize that there’s nothing wrong with them they can become comfortable in their own skin.
Their authenticity will awaken their self esteem and that will ‘power up’ their confidence to unimaginable levels.
This will give them the energy and vitality that will charge their magnetism. And once the magnetism of an introverted person is charged, it can almost create electricity!
There are many reasons why introverts are attractive but here are 8 of their most attractive strengths!

8 Reasons Why You Are Irresistibly Attractive If You Are An Introvert:

You excel at intimate connections

Introverts are very deep people. Whether it’s interactions with others, understanding the meaning of things, or learning skills, introverts want to get to the root of whatever they’re after.
That being said, they don’t often have the energy to pursue deep interactions with a large number of people. Introverts tend towards deeper interactions with a few people, as opposed to shallower interactions with a lot of people. If an introvert is interested in you, they will open their soul to you.

You know how to listen

Introverts are a type that often listen more than they speak. They crave understanding more than being understood. They want to hear others’ opinions and stories to try and piece together who they are.
Everyone wants to be heard. As attention spans shrink in our technology-centered world, introverts make people feel important when they give them their precious energy and focus in hearing what they have to say.

You are sensitive

Studies show that introverts are physically more sensitive than extroverts.
In a recent study, lemon juice was placed on the tongues of both introverts and extroverts. Introverts were found to have salivated more when subjected to the lemon juice. This study shows that introverts’ brains are more responsive to stimuli, and this greater response means that introverts are more sensitive to external events.
Introverts feel what others feel. This can range from intense feelings of guilt when they feel like they might have upset someone, to strong feelings of happiness and fulfillment when they do something positive for someone else.

You love deep conversation

Introverts would rather talk about values than the weather. They would rather talk about childhood events that shaped someone’s life as opposed to learning what someone had for dinner last night. They love to talk about things they’re passionate about, and once they start, it can be hard to get them to stop.
These kinds of deep conversations can form a strong connection between two people, and make them feel like they’ve known each other for years. Making yourself vulnerable and talking about deep topics is critical for building attraction.

You constantly improve yourself through solitude

It’s no surprise that introverts spend more time in solitude than extroverts. During this alone time, they aren’t just staring blankly at a wall.
They’re reading a fiction novel that excites their imagination. They’re reading “how-to” books, studying great characters in movies and TV shows, and listening to music that makes them feel a certain way. Introverts are always looking for more knowledge, more skills, and more ways to improve themselves.

You are mysterious

One of the greatest assets of an attractive introvert is their mystery. They don’t share everything with everyone, and they like to keep it that way.
They are quiet around some, and loud around others. They keep people guessing, and can make others feel like they have earned their interest. Introverts are at peace with the fact that some people will never understand them. This lack of complete understanding can spark a curiosity that quickly builds into attraction.

You always keep it real

Introverts are not usually salesmen. They’re not known for their ability to spin reality into something that sounds better than it is. What you get from an introvert is an authenticity that can be seen as refreshing and attractive.

You are thinking about the bigger picture

Introverts are less impulsive and spend more time thinking things through. They are more willing to make sacrifices in the short-term to achieve something greater for themselves and others in the long-run.


Introverts can be insanely attractive. It just might take some time and effort to get them to open up.
As humans we value things that are scarce. Introverts provide this scarcity in an intriguing way that creates meaningful, lasting relationships.
If you’re an introvert, you might often think that you have to have “more” in order to be attractive. You know what’s more, though? Less is more.
You don’t necessarily need more stories or funny lines, you just have to learn how to unleash the skills you do have in the most powerful way.
Your introverted character is your most powerful attractiveness if you just embrace it!
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