Thursday, February 12, 2015

Experienced by: Chandra Su-uriyapatabendi.

Fat Person may know that he stores off white sustenance (Fat) in his body under the skin. When this starts he begins to gain on weight.

Fat is found in animal, oily, sweeten foods which a fat person tends to eat.
Overweight can be managed by you. “Do It Yourself” is the key.

Hear! The bell rings within you – “That you are what you eat”.
Change your eating habits. You start to become a different individual.
First believe the above.

Then start testing. You will soon like this experience.
Imagine that you are cutting down on weight gain. Happiness will around the corner.

01. Reduce on fatty foods. You know anything of oil substance, of sugar, form fat in your body.

02. Reduce intake of Carbohydrates, replace with vegetables, fruits, fat - free yogurts and the likes.

03. Reduce one or two mouthful of what you eat daily. Fill the gap with water, if only it is necessary!

04. Examine, whether you spend a lot of time sitting down. Doing a sedentary job or occupation. Fat, fatter, fattest people become increasingly sedentary.  (Sitting down and not moving)

Once this sets in; health hazards begins to play. It takes off convenience, cuts down on activity. Promote early death. 

Having understood the weight gain, some tend to do physical exercise, mostly indoors, with like of an Exercise Bike. Some go to the gym. Both involve time and money and WILL. This is work; no one likes to continue.

  1. Look for physical activity indoors; at your workplace or home. Get up and move about.Don’t allow time to pass without some activity.
  2. May walk indoors while watching TV.
  3. Use steps. Reduce using the lift
  4. Wake up 10 minutes earlier. This will cut down on stress; an enemy of good activity.
  5. Walk one or two bus halts. If these takes 30 minutes, you have finished 2 miles (3.21 km) of walk, which reduces weight gain, improves good health, convenience and ‘peace - of – mind’.
2 Years ago,
  • I was 180 Ibs. (81.64 kg.) 
  • Pressure 140/190 -Had to take 100 mg of Pressure Tablets.
  • Blood Sugar was controlled by 1500 mg of Metformin.
  • Today weight is 160 Ibs (72.5 Kgs)
  • Pressure is 80/120 with 25 mg,
  • No Diabetes with 1000 mg
  • I feel contented. Stronger, Powerful in mind & body.
  • I did not do it – I allowed it to happen!
Do not consult your weighing scale often. Weight itself will look after its GAIN or Loss.

You are simply bit active and also conscious of food with fat.

The day may not be too long to realize that your dresses are losing at Hip level.

 This is the beginning of the END of our weight gain.

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