Wednesday, April 26, 2017

We are all misunderstood in one way or another. Some of us are more misunderstood than others and so forth.
What do people most often misunderstand about you? Did you know that you could find out by assessing your zodiac sign? See what your sign says below.

Aries: People are often afraid of you, they think you’re an asshole because you are not all soft and mushy like they are. You are a strong individual, you stand up for yourself and do not let other sidetrack you.
Taurus: People think you don’t care about anything but yourself. However, the truth is you only care about a few people because you know how shitty the people on this planet can be. You will not put your trust in someone who does not deserve it.
Gemini: People always complain about you being late, they do not understand why you tend to run behind. You are far too passionate for your own good. You get caught up in making sure everything is perfect and forget to look at the time. This is something that can be a big issue at times.
Cancer: You are too loving people think you’re a pushover. They don’t realize that your love is unconditional. They just think you are letting them walk all over you for a reason. When you cut someone out of your life it catches everyone off guard.
Leo: You are too into yourself according to the people around you. You are one of those people that do whatever they ant and will not listen to reason. You want people to see you no matter what it takes.
Virgo: You are considered boring because all you do is work. People do not realize how much you love your job, You have fun getting things done and that is all that matters.
Libra: You are too much of a good friend sometimes it can be far too demanding. You would do anything for those you care about and forget sometimes that they need to learn how to take care of themselves.
Scorpio: People think that you are reckless but you’re not. You can be hurt and afraid just like the rest f the world. You do not enjoy being hurt. You try not to seem weak and will always maintain a solid exterior but this is not the real world.
Sagittarius: People think they can define you but they cannot. You do not fall into any one category. You need freedom to explore in order to be happy.
Capricorn: People think you are high strung because of your overly high standards. You know what you want and won’t settle for anything less. That is amazing in my opinion but others think that it is a sign you felt superior to everyone else.
Aquarius: You are considered cold by those around you because you hide your emotions. You cannot help this it is because of how you deal with things. When you love, you love deeply and there is no need in explaining that to anyone other than those you love.
Pisces: People think it is okay to tell you everything when it is not. You hate listening to other people’s stories but are too nice to tell them to shut-up. You are far too quiet and need to stand up for yourself.
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