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You know things are actually one way and yet you have to pretend it’s another way to fit into society… welcome to walking between two worlds.
What other kinds of experiences can you expect to encounter when you’re experiencing practical 3D life on a 5D spiritual journey?

Criticism & feedback

Apparently in the 3D world it’s considered insulting to point out people’s flaws.
And all along I thought I was helping them by pointing out the flaw, so they can get it shifted or cleared of course.
When you get far enough along your journey, you stop seeing criticism as insulting and you start using the information for fodder for future healing sessions.
Once this mindset shift takes place, it only stands to reason that you’ll spread the love by sharing the flaws you see with others. Sadly, people in the 3D world don’t take quite the same view.
When you’re walking between two worlds you’ll spend a lot of time apologizing for bruising people’s egos. Chances are good you’ll be labeled a troublemaker, disruptive or arrogant and insulting too.


Speaking of arrogance, your newfound confidence and surety are likely to get you labeled as arrogant.
When you hear and begin to resonate with a profound truth, there is a purity and confidence that shines through obviously when you speak about it. Likewise, when you know something is a truth, you don’t allow yourself to be derailed when it comes to talking to about it – you have the confidence of knowing.
A Course In Miracles sums it up perfectly:
“A major tenet in the ego’s insane religion is that sin is not error but truth, and it is innocence that would deceive. Purity is seen as arrogance, and the acceptance of the self as sinful is perceived as holiness.”
The moment you speak with confidence of knowing, and you wear your spirituality and purity with honor, people will find and label you as arrogant.
But this isn’t your stuff, it’s theirs.
Anyone who labels you as arrogant for your confidence, purity and spirituality does so only because they do not believe it is possible for them (ergo everyone else) to attain that level of spiritual achievement. Likewise, in their minds, if someone is going to be an advanced spiritual being, that person could never rise up out of the ranks of anyone they know.
Basically they can only see the level they’re at, and are accusing you of being arrogant because in their minds only an arrogant person would claim to be holy or pure.

Paradigm blindness

You know how when you’re trying to explain something to someone but you can see that they don’t have enough understanding or experience to understand what you’re saying? That’s paradigm blindness.
As we go through life, we collect memories that our mind draws on when we enter new experiences, giving us a frame of reference on how to act or think about what is in front of us. No memories to reference against = that blank response you get when you are trying to explain a concept to someone.
It is literally a case of people have not accumulated enough knowledge to be able to understand what you’re explaining to them. In the simplest way of speaking, they aren’t smart enough to know that you are smarter than them, and you will not be able to show it to them regardless of how hard you try.

Detachment and not caring

Working with attachment is a common lesson that many spiritual peeps face on their journeys, and one of the downsides of mastering attachment is that you master detachment.
In small doses and applied correctly, detachment is a great thing, don’t get me wrong, but in a world where people see lack of emotional response as not caring it can make you look very cold and distant.
The reason you experience detachment as you go on your path is that as you go along you master the ego emotions, which leads to a place of emotional neutrality before you reconnect with God.
While in you’re in the neutral part though, you don’t feel much of anything – good or bad. This can make seem very uncaring when you don’t display enthusiasm or excitement, or show a tempered response to other people.
You have to love duality lessons… it’s our drive to love everyone that makes us seem unloving. Accepting an idea like that can be a challenge when you’ve filled your head full of ideas like Jesus and other spiritual gurus were all-loving and completely accepting.
In fact, chances are good that you will look like the most unloving person in the world in the moment before you break through to become one of the most loving. Lessons tend to work like that.

The fear of change

For those of us that have embraced our journeys, it’s really easy for us to forget that other normal people are truly afraid of change.
For me personally, the penny dropped when my business partner walked out on me, literally saying that she could not handle how quickly I changed.
“You can turn 180 on a belief system in seconds and then behave as if you’ve always lived that way. I can’t deal with it. It’s too much for me.”
For many normal people, change is actually one of their greatest fears – not just a fear that they have. So when they are exposed to someone who changes rapidly they see us as being moody, uncomfortable, prickly and difficult to be around.
Their own fear of change makes their insides literally squirm when they are around us – and that’s not on us.
What they’re honestly seeing is their own mirror about their inability to change and how uncomfortable that makes them feel. In truth they are most likely jealous of your ability to navigate and cope.
Likewise our moodiness shows our ability to work through our emotions out loud, while you’re dealing with people who bottle everything up in order to not upset the status quo.
No one could ever accuse us of maintaining the status quo LOL

It’s not easy

Nobody ever said the spiritual journey was going to be easy, but it is worth it.
It doesn’t always look like it while you’re on the path, but hang in there: you are making progress. Don’t let the perceived limitations of others derail you from your destiny and path.
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