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Although, it is true that not all other zodiacs cheat or are unfaithful to their partners, it still depends on how you define cheating. That leaves us with some zodiacs that are the most loyal and willingly entering any relationship to gain stability and work towards making it a lasting one.

The following list is based on personality traits and from what we know since 2nd Century B.C.


People with this sign are the easiest to carry forward their past breakups – emotionally. They will remember it and at times would be so consumed by it that they will lose the ability to be psychologically secure. However, this brings them good later in life when they fall in love again.

The need for security makes them feel the need to do everything right. They work hard with their partners to resolve disputes and fights but won’t let go. This also makes them the least likely to cheat or lie.


Born under the Planet of Love, Venus, this zodiac has an easy to break shield. Despite the fact that they may be a bit stubborn and would never accept themselves as people who are part of a problem.

However, deep, deep down inside, they love being loved. This soft core keeps them loyal, faithful and honest to their partner and they would never give up on relations, even when the others think that they should.


Known to be completely focused when they put their mind to something, they treat every relationship the same too. They prefer growth instead quitting and hence always work to improve things.

This trait disallows them to ever give up and they never will really, not matter the lack of compatibility.


Like the sign of Taurus, Libra is also ruled by Venus.

People born under Libra have the hardest time when they make someone else upset. They will work through disputes as quickly as they can and convince the other person from every angle to ensure that you no longer wish to distance yourself from the relation.

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