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During a spiritual awakening there can come a time where your journey to enlightenment slows down, or in some cases stops altogether.
There are a number of reasons for this; throughout this post I will outline some of the reasons that could be slowing or stopping your progress.

There will come a time, regardless of your level of enlightenment, where your journey will stop. It is important to stop and realise that you have not lost what you have worked so hard to gain.
Your mind and body need time to adjust to the stages of change that they are going through. Take a deep breath and read on to understand what may have caused your spiritual path to disappear.


In our current world everywhere you look you can find the presence of negative energy. It surrounds our every movement, on the news, on the faces of people we pass, and when we understand any form of environmental damage.
The truth is we live on a beautiful planet that is engulfed by violence. If you are reading this post then you have proved yourself to be of a spiritual nature and have taken steps in the right direction to ultimately change the planet for the better.
Understanding the negativity is just as important as trying to distance yourself from it. An awakening is a cosmic understanding that everything around you is happening for a reason and everything is deeply connected.
You cannot stop every violent matter in the world and allowing that thought to fester in your brain can be a difficult matter for your spiritual nature to overcome.
Instead realise that you yourself can be a source of light and can reduce negativity in small ways, your small random acts of kindness to everything and everyone around you are the first steps to reducing negativity.
If you can touch one person’s soul for the day, the joy or gratitude that you pass along is absorbed and will manifest itself into another act of kindness. Imagine that, this small act of generosity you pass along spreading from being to being.


A spiritual awakening is your soul mind and body communicating as one. The new thoughts and mentality are likely something that you have never thought about before.
Going through the transformational process is often a time of confusion and can leave people feeling vulnerable. What do we do when we are feeling vulnerable? We resort to creature habits, whether that’s binging on junk food or splurging your money on something materialistic and irrelevant.
These are things that a modern society has tricked us into thinking that we need over a lifetime of being sold to and marketed to as just another customer.
It can be difficult to change your mind-set from a consumer to a giver. Once you come to the realisation that our bodies don’t need processed salt heavy foods or material physical goods in order to feel loved, happy and full you will force yourself back on to the path of the spiritual.


This feeling of betterness is a quick way to lose sight of the path that you were so graciously heading towards. A spiritual awakening is not about self-gratification; it’s about connecting and understanding our universe on a more intimate level.
Seeing yourself as a chosen figure amongst others and that you have been chosen to awaken is a very common misconception.
We are not chosen, we are no better than any one else in this world, we are all equal.
Society has taught us social barriers and a way in which to discriminate our neighbours. Our minds our hard wired to ascend to spirituality, something that we have no control over something that science and everything that we’ve accomplished on that front will never understand, but we as individuals already know.
Everyone is on the path to enlightenment whether they accomplish it in this life or the next.


Perhaps the biggest cause of slowing down your spiritual awakening can come from anger.
Anger is an extremely powerful emotion.
We all feel anger, being spiritually awakened doesn’t mean that you will never feel anger again. It is about how you process that anger and understand that what you are feeling is ok but it does not have to define your outgoing actions.
For example, if you feel angered by something, take a second to pause, withdraw into your mind and accept what has happened has happened and has now passed. You do not have the ability to change the outcome but what you do have the ability to change is how you process that anger.
If you are angered and do not process that anger in the correct way then you will remain angered.
Anger is a toxic emotion; your body cannot house toxic emotions for very long therefore if you are harbouring anger you will eventually need to set it free. This can be in the form of shouting or even causing someone else to be angry.
It is the same principle as the random act of kindness that we spoke about earlier but instead of a positive ball of energy that is passed from being to being, it is a fiery burning ball of anger that needs to pass through as many people as it can before it burns out.
Letting anger flow through you and pass in the same way that it came in is difficult and takes a lifetime to fully understand. But the easiest and most simple thing you can do is to just stop for a moment and let that anger pass through your mind and let a positive thought douse the fire.
If you feel yourself getting annoyed regularly, doing this simple exercise every day will bring you right back to your spiritual path.


First of all you are.
This may sound like a strange reason but it is extremely common. This is a problem that I myself encountered. I had never thought of myself as a spiritual person to much extent, I had a fascination of the supernatural but nothing more than that. So when I felt myself changing in mind, body and soul I dedicated all of my time to understand what was going on.
It was a spiritual awakening, it was a terrifying and lonely time, which it needn’t have been, an awakening is the closest thing we have to magic.
After I felt confident that I knew what was happening to me I allowed myself to be awoken and gave myself fully to it. Eventually the transcendent feeling subsided and I couldn’t work out what the reason was. It was my mind telling me that I shouldn’t have been chosen at this point, why is this happening to me when there are thousands of people who have dedicated their entire lives to this cause.
I know now of course that this mind-set is incorrect. We are not chosen to be awoken it is embedded inside us all.
If you experience the same feeling that I felt then you need to understand that you are worthy.
We are not something that is divided into worthy and not worthy or righteous and not righteous, I have no more claim to something than anyone or anything else.
Move your focus away from the thought that you are less worthy than someone else, accept what is happening and continue towards your path, in doing so you will help more people along the way than you ever thought possible.


Undergoing a spiritual awakening can bring in old repressed memories, thoughts and emotions into your current conscious awareness.
Whilst this can come from memories that you have long forgotten about in your life, during this journey you can also bring in emotions from a previous life, meaning that you may suddenly feel saddened or guilt from an action you weren’t even aware has occurred and is now suddenly bubbling within you at the surface.
This sudden concoction of emotions may feel unsettling however it is important to understand them as they are and not try to change them. If you have found yourself becoming increasingly confused by the varying memories you may even convince yourself that they are nothing more than figments of your imagination.
Remember understanding situations in the now and how they truly are is the fastest way to put yourself back onto the spiritual path and continue with your awakening.


A need to be healed is completely natural across all areas of the world, including the spiritual world.
A spiritual awakening is not something that can happen overnight it takes significantly longer, often years or a lifetime.
Time as we all know is incredibly exhausting. An awakening is something that uses a huge amount of energy, which is why you may feel extreme fatigue when undergoing your transformation.
Make sure you realise that it is ok to relax and to not constantly think about your journey or what is happening to you. Your soul needs a rest just as much as your body does.


If you have made it this far then by now you understand that we are all connected, to each other, to the world, to everything. Our hearts are all beating to the same drum.
This is of course true and important to understand, however we are all still unique. Each of us have a piece to a larger puzzle that is ushering in the age of enlightenment.
Not one of us view the world from the entirely uniform basis of perception and it is in this uniqueness that lies each and every one of our life’s purposes. Think of yourself as a piece of a puzzle that connects to all of the other pieces of a beautiful picture.
Even if we do not realise it, we are always receiving subtle cues from the universe, small synchronicities and soft nudges, edging us in the right direction.
It can sometimes be hard to see these small messages in a world that can feel enshrouded with darkness.
When you feel that your mind cannot find it’s way out of the corner of reality, you must look to your heart. It sees far more than your eyes ever will, and your heart will always steer you back onto the path that you are seeking.
Trust it.


With all the information on spirituality out there it can become exhausting in itself to weed the good from the bad. How do you know which advice to follow or which advice is all lies?
This is where we come in, we want to help guide you on your path, not to deter you in any way, but to help you understand what information is good and what to stay away from.
A spiritual awakening is such a magical exciting, beautiful experience but there can come a time when the journey stops feeling so magical.
When this happens it can be very hard to get yourself back on track, maybe you are undergoing any of the above that we have talked about so far, or maybe you’ve just gotten confused with everything that’s out there telling you something different.
If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed with all the information on your awakening then you’re lucky.
All you have to do is stop. That’s it. Just take a rest.
As we learnt from the above section our heart will guide us back to the correct path, you don’t need to do a thing, as long as you realise that you are stepping away from your learning and research for a reason, and that reason is to give your mind and soul a rest so that your heart can lead the way.


If this is the case then you most certainly are not alone, there are countless resources online talking about how a spiritual awakening is a bad thing.
Let me just tell you that it is not.
It is a truly beautiful process, one that cleans your soul and aura and helps you to see the world from an entirely new perspective.
You will not change who you are, you will not all of a sudden be a completely different, unrecognisable person, rather a more generous and happy being. One that understands how we are all connected and how we are no different from one another.
An awakening is a journey whereby your mind and soul become one with the universe and you allow that connection to be made rather than blocking that connection with the consumer based lifestyle that we have become accustomed to.
If you are afraid, that is completely understandable. Just don’t let it be the reason that you stop your beautiful journey to a higher more connected self.

I would like to quickly take a moment to say thank you. I hope you found something in this article that will help you back onto the right path.
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