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An n “empath” is a person that has the ability to consciously and subconsciously earn the trust of a stranger so that they open up to them and talk freely with them like they’ve known that person for years.
Empathy is where you don’t use words to speak, but instead you speak of your body and your eyes. It is a case where one person feels the connection to the other and what is alive in them.

This is how the author of Non-Violent Communication – Marshall Rosenberg describes empathy.
As much as empaths notice, subconsciously or consciously, you are too able of noticing a few things about them also.
In today’s article, we are going to tell you 15 things that you are surely going to notice when you’re around an Empath.
  1. Empaths are accused of being “too emotional” or “too sensitive”

The truth is, empaths are not too much of anything. They simply can feel both negative and positive things more deeply. Although it is in many cases hard for empathy to function in a world designed for less-empathic people, being sensitive also has a few perks of its own.
  1. Empaths can’t stand lies and be lied to.

Lies are a complete relationship breaker for empaths. All they need is just a simple glance at you and your direction for them to know that they are being lied to. However, the main reason that empaths tend to take lies very harsh is that they know that they need to start avoiding that person or end the relationship.
  1. Negative media can upset an empath easily.

It is hard for an empath to “unfeel” what has been felt. They usually avoid news just in case they see something upsetting, because if they do, their emotions will be all over the place for some time. If you can’t imagine how it feels like, imagine being upset every time you see something on the news. That is exactly how it feels.
  1. They have a hard time in crowded places.

Even extroverted people can be empaths. They like concerts and crowded events but once they are there they can’t wait to leave. This is a result of all of the energies and feelings they absorb from the hundreds of people around them, and it exhausts them.
  1. They love to heal.

They will help you with the best advice because they want the best for you and your wellbeing. Their advice are usually very useful if they are implemented in daily life.
  1. They are sensitive to medications and stimulants.

Soda, energy drinks, coffee and even tea – literally anything that contains caffeine will make them feel more anxious than everybody else. They also tend to avoid medications because of the side-effects they experience.
  1. They can only be themselves.

They are the most real friends that you can wish for. They know who they are and they fully embrace themselves but often avoid doing so since many people seem to have a problem or an issue with their honest attitude and sensitive nature.
  1. They can experience what you’re experiencing.

If a friend or a family member of an empath is depressed, agitated or ill, they also tend to display similar if not the same symptoms. They are connected to you so much, that they’re putting themselves through what you’re going.
  1. They LOVE animals.

Empaths often consider their pets as family members that have a soul as important as their own. They tend to try to talk to animals and consider them best friends.
  1. Exhausted and tired is a normal state for empaths.

Since they absorb the emotions and energies from the people around them, they don’t just have to deal with their own mental problems, but everybody else’s too.
  1. If they offer advice, you better take it.

They consider their time precious so if they pause for a moment from everything else, just to listen to your dilemmas and give you a healthy bulletproof advice, you need to listen to it and not take it for granted. If you just take their time and don’t listen to their advice, it annoys them.
  1. They are easily distracted.

They tend to get distracted easily due to their high sensitivity to everything around them. This isn’t a bad thing is just that they pay attention to even the smallest things that you might not notice.
  1. They can’t stand narcissism.

If you’re flying up in the sky and you’re in love with your money and reflection in the mirror that represent how big your ego is, just stay away from them. It is the most annoying thing for them.
  1. Certain sounds really bother them.

There are certain sounds, fabrics, textures, loud noises and bright lights that really tend to get them annoyed.
  1. They are great listeners.

You can tell an empath literally anything about your life and they will listen. They will hop on your journey and slide down the road with you, experiencing and sharing all the highs and lows of your path. And the best thing is that they are judgement-free since they are here to help you, and not hurt you!
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