Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Everything is connected through a large entangled network, everything depends on everything else. That’s how the collective consciousness is created.
Each and every single being vibrates with its own frequency that comes from its soul. The higher the frequency the higher and more powerful the being is.

All through history there have been souls that kept the spirit and vibration of humanity high. These souls are of higher frequency.
However, in the past few decades there has been a drastic increase.
Large amount of children are born with a higher frequency to help the world raise its collective consciousness and, with that, our mutual frequency of vibration.
If you find yourself in 2 or more of these characteristics than you might be a high frequency being with a purpose to raise the frequency of the world:
– You have a deep desire to find your spiritual partner, family, home;
– You have excellent skills and a high level of intelligence, but it seems like you cannot find what you desire;
– You feel there are entities and angels around you. Sometimes you might even hear voices;
– Your mood changes often, as same as your energy and emotions;
– You have strange moments when you feel like you understand everything, but they don’t last long;
– You have vivid dreams;
– You want to build deeply rooted relationships and responsibilities but, there are moments when you suddenly want to let go and move on, just like it’s nothing;
– You perceive time passing a lot more faster than others;
– You believe that everything happens for a reason, but you also believe that you make your own destiny with your own choices;
– You have a strong intuition;
– You have influence on many people around you;
– You have a deep sense of wisdom and universal knowledge that most people spend their lifetimes learning;
– Your natural state of being is happy, fun, loving and positive;
– You have a strong immune system;
In other words, if you find yourself in most of these characteristics you are unbound from earthly drama.
You are here to remind the world that there is a bigger picture. You do this subconsciously with your actions, emotions, thoughts, presence and creations.
People feel your aura when you are around them.
For some you might seem strange, for others a source of positive energy, but all of them feel your higher being.
Thank you for making the world a better place!
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