Wednesday, December 28, 2016

We all crush over someone, what makes things more exciting is to know if the one that we like, likes us back or not. Let us see  how different people act when crushing or liking someone based on astrology. In simple terms how they act, when zodiac signs like you.

- You know an Aries likes you because…

They tell you, they tell you again, they tell you a thousand different ways. Aries does not beat around the bush .. when they are interested they are eager, open and not afraid to tell everyone exactly how they feel.

Aries is verbal, open and obvious in Love.

- You know a Taurus likes you because…

They give you little gifts or share their lunch or lend you their favorite coat. It might take a long, long time before you ever “hear” them say they’re interested, but give them time .. they like doing things according to their own schedule.

Taurus is attentive and caring in love.

- You know a Gemini likes you because…

You’re the first one they call in the morning and the last one they email at night and they’re forever IMing you online. They also joke more, laugh more and .. TALK more. Gemini’s are naturally flirty .. watch for those real love signals to know how they truly feel.

Gemini is talkative, attentive and teasing in love.

- You know a Cancer likes you because…

They’re sharing their life story with you, making sure you’re feeling good, asking you over for dinner and a movie. Cancers have a wicked sense of humor .. if they’re trying to make you laugh it’s a good sign they’re interested.

Cancer is caring and emotional in love.

- You know a Leo likes you because…

They have you by the arm and they’re talking about “your future” and they are brighter than they normally are. Leo’s aren’t generally shy when they’re interested and if anything are waiting for you to “wake up”.

Leo is demonstrative and attentive in love.

- You know a Virgo likes you because…

They help you do your homework, they may actually do it FOR you, they make sure you have a healthy lunch, that you copied your assignments, that you have their phone number, their email address and their 3 chat names. Virgo let’s you know they like you by making sure your life is working.

Virgo is careful and attentive in love.

- You know a Libra likes you because…

They’re always around you, they’re introducing you to their 45 closest friends, talking about their dreams, asking your opinion, getting your advice, inventing parties to invite you to.

Libra is caring, romantic and attentive in love.

- You know a Scorpio likes you because…

They’re “there”. They’re asking you questions, wondering about your friends, watching your life, making suggestions, helping you do research, researching you and they’re talking about what kind of relationship works and why.

Scorpio is watchful, quiet and secretive when in love.

- You know a Sagittarius likes you because…

They’ve written a poem and you’re the star of it, they drag you to ballgames and parties and museums, they get your advice, they’re acting really obnoxious, they’re working overtime to make you laugh.

Sagittarius is playful and witty in love.

- You know a Capricorn likes you because…

You make them laugh, they go out of their way to say hello, they actually talk back when you instant message them, they share a secret with you, they include you in their plans.

Capricorn is serious and quiet when falling in love.

- You know an Aquarius likes you because…

They’re hanging around you, they’re sharing their newest mission with you, they’re being silly, they’re refusing to talk about their feelings, they want you to join their latest cause.

Aquarius is friendly, funny and light in love

- You know a Pisces likes you because…

Of how they look at you, they’ve shared their most important dream with you, they’ve dreamed ABOUT you, they had a feeling about you, they’re writing poetry and stories, they hang around you a lot more than normal.

Pisces is emotional, shy and gentle in love.

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