Thursday, December 1, 2016

To know if you are a healer, or a shaman, all you have to do is have a look at your life.

There will be many signs all around you, some subtle and some more obvious, you just have to learn to recognise and read them. If you think you have the gift of healing, read on, these 20 signs will assure you that you are indeed a healer!

01. You are an empath, you feel others pain, hurt and emotions as your own.
02. People say they feel relaxed and at ease when they spend time with you.
03. When you are in public, you often feel nervous or have heightened awareness.
04. You have anxiety or have panic attacks
05. You are incredibly fascinated by crystals and their healing properties.
06. You find it hard to say no, and then feel overwhelmed because you’ve agreed to help so many people.
07. You have been diagnosed with a mood disorder of any kind.
08. Strangers or people you barely know end up telling you their life story without you even asking.
09. You love being outdoors, hiking, doing yoga or a walk on the beach. The fresh air and natural surroundings are refreshing and relaxing for you.
10. You constantly try find ways and solutions to make others’ lives better.
11. You want to help others, even if you will not be better off for it.
12. People in your family are healers, be it medicinal, spoken or other.
13. You are currently working in a healing field – perhaps you are a nurse, chiropractor, counsellor or a vet.
14. You can sense energy in a room from the moment you walk into it, eg: if someone was arguing before you arrived.
15. You are always ready to comfort during difficult times.
16. You sometimes feel that people unintentionally dump their problems on you and expect you to fix it.
17. You have a way with animals and small children, it’s like they are drawn to you.
18. Other people’s comfort in your home is extremely important to you.
19. You are very interested in Spiritual healing, such as reiki.
20. Your hands, especially your palms, often feel like they are tingling or have pins and needles.
21. You always use natural or traditional medicine over western/over the counter medicine.

 How many things on this list rang true to you? If you think you are a healer, you need to decide what you want to do, you could use your gift to help you in a healing based career or perhaps you will choose to focus on healing yourself and those closest to you first. The gift of healing is incredibly special, but what you do with your gift is entirely up to you!

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