Friday, January 6, 2017

It might surprise you to learn that Ashton Kutcher, while famous for shows such as "That 70's Show," "Punk'd," and his newest series, "The Ranch," is actually fairly involved in the fight against human sex trafficking and child pornography.

In fact, he and his ex-wife, actress Demi Moore, founded an organization almost nine years ago (called Thorn) with that very goal in mind: to eliminate sex trafficking and save victims of sexual abuse.

Kutcher spoke with Kathie Lee as a guest on "The Today Show" in October, but instead of discussing his new television series, Kutcher had something else he wanted to discuss.

And that was Thorn's recent successes--particularly, that they had saved over 6,000 sex trafficking victims and recovered 2,000 of the traffickers themselves.

What's interesting is that Kutcher and Thorn have discovered a startling trend seen among the victims: they're all sold online, as if they were products on any other type of consumer website. So that's where a majority of Thorn's efforts have been placed.

"We're building digital tools to fight human trafficking. Basically, the purchase and commerce for human trafficking is happening online, just like everything else now, and so we're building digital tools to fight back against it."

And they're cultivating quite the arsenal to fight online sex traffickers.

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