Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Imagine a heard of cows seeing a dog for the first time in their lives. What would they think? We’re guessing, or better still, we are imagining the thoughts in their heads, and their conversation (if they could converse) would go like this…

“That cow so tiny sistaz! Yo, little cow! Why you so tiny dawg? I ain’t never seen no cow as tiny as you? Where yo momma at? She that tiny too? Lemme smell ya a little bit!” Sniff sniff! “That don’t smell like no cow to me! What is you, bro? You is a spy? You too tiny to be spy! Come here! Wanna hang out with us bro? We cool! This is my crew. That there’s Bella! That’s Maggie over there. The fat one’s Esmeralda and I’m Monique.”

Now watch the video of this imaginary conversation!

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