Monday, May 16, 2016

One of the most common causes for death is the heart attack, statistics show that this condition can be lethal. It is crucial to recognize the signs that your body is giving you months before it actually happens.
All the changes that our body is witnessing are encrypted in our hair and that the level of stress hormone – cortisol can provide us information that the particular individual will have an heart attack months before it happens.

Canadian Scientists conducted a study and the conclusion was that problems in marriage, problems at work and financial problems increase the risk of heart attack and other heart misfunctions. Also that there are biological signs before the heart attack happens. The stress hormone that we mentioned previously, the cortisol can be measured through the urine, saliva and blood.

But professors Stan Van Mind and Gideon Koran of the University of Western Ontario is explaining that these specimens and tests can reveal the high cortisol level in just days or even hours before the heart attack.

The hair can indicate heart attack much sooner, is growing about CM, in month, 6 inches of hair strand can show the cortisol level within a longer period of time.

This was proven by making analysis on hair samples from 56 people who suffered a heart attack and they were compared with the results from hair samples of people who were suffering from some other medical conditions and didn’t have heart problems.

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