Monday, May 16, 2016

The University of Houston made an examination on the soles of shoes.

The results showed that more than 39 % of the soles were contaminated with the bacteria Clostridium difficile also known as C. diff that is resistant to several antibiotics.

This bacteria is very dangerous, can cause severe diarrhea that in some cases may result with colon inflammation.

Also can cause many other serious diseases that mostly are antibiotic resistant.

The leader of this study, M. Jahangir Alam, Ph.D says “We continuously contaminate our doorsteps by these contaminated shoes”.

In addition, there are many other bacteria that can be found on the shoes and can defile your home.

For example, in a public restroom floor per square inch there are about 2 million bacteria, and for comparison average toilet seat contains 50 bacteria per square inch.

These bacteria are extremely dangerous for little kids that play on the floor.

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