Tuesday, May 31, 2016

When it comes to feet, most common problem that people are faced with are the cracked heels and dried skin. The cracked heels do not only look unattractive but sometimes they tend to be very painful. Creams and stone frictions usually require lots of persistence and money and sometimes they do not even give any results.

Therefore, as best natural solution for this problem we present you the lemon. Take one lemon, large enough to be able to cover your heel, squeeze it, make yourself lemonade from the it and leave the peel for your feet.

Place half the lemon on your heel and make sure that is fully covered with it and then put the socks on in order that the peel can be fixed in that place. The juice from the lemon peel will act as chemical peeling and will remove the dried and cracked skin. Let the peel stand for at least 1 hours on your feet or leave it overnight for even better results. The next morning, after getting up, wash your feet with water and apply a moisturizing cream on your feet.

Maybe this trick sounds little weird but the results after it are surprisingly good. After only one night, your feet will become soft and all cracked parts will be gone.

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