Friday, May 13, 2016

Saving money on electric bills is our biggest problem and we are always looking for the better solutions. Energy saving Light-bulbs are one of those solutions. These light bulbs are good for saving money and they are also good for the environment. But there is a warning  that these light bulbs are toxic. This warning comes from the U S -E n v I r o n m e n t  P r o t e c t I o n  A g e n c y.

These light bulbs are actually releasing  a gas that is very poisonous if they break.

The most terrifying thing is that if this bulb breaks indoors it can release twenty times more mercury in to the air which can be very harmful, for example it can cause: anxiety, cluster headache, migraines, fatigue, dizziness, seizures and inability to focus.

Another important thing is that this energy-saving bulbs can actually increase the risk of cancer. Knowing all these facts, you should stay away from these light bulbs as the experts do. The incandesced light bulbs are much better choice according the experts.

01: Mercury

These bulbs are attractive to people because they are saving the energy but you should know that these bulbs contain mercury which is really bad for the children and the pregnant women because of the neurotoxin. This may damage your nervous system, kidneys, the liver ,the brain, reproductive system, the heart and the immune system.


There is a study developed in Berlin(Germany) at  the ‘Alab  Laboratory ‘ that shows that most of these light bulbs which are found in almost every home have are very  p o i s o n o u s  carcinogens and that means with using them continuously they can eventually cause cancer.


Beside mercury, bulbs contain phenol  , which is an acidic crystalline solid, its gained from coal  tar  and it is really toxic white-crystalline substance.


This substance is really volatile and as the phenol is a white-crystalline component. This white substance Is gained by distilling the coal tar and it is used for creating a lot of chemicals and mothballs.

The sunlight isn’t always present in your home. Instead, we use the light bulbs for many needs. But these bulbs contain and emit U V –rays, U V –B and U V –C   types of  r a d i a t i o n s. The risk of skin cancer  is on a higher level by using these bulbs. You should use the old-fashioned bulbs if you want to save yourself and your family and protect them from attacks to your system and body.
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