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A journalist from the ‘Thrillist’ portal settled on to carry out a pretty odd experiment and here we reveal what happened when he finished it. Namely, he was drinking one gallon of water every day.

A month later, he documented his story, confessing that despite the fact that he expected changes anyways, he is amazed to which extent this affected his quality of life.

Here is his story..

Day 01: The party begins

The journalist did not know how many glasses of water a gallon contains, so he bought a one gallon plastic bottle and started carrying it around with him. He knew from the first day that this was going to be difficult, as one gallon of water is really a lot of water. He was totally concentrated on achieving his goal and drinking his daily quota, he even could not concentrate on anything else.

Day 05I’m urinating every 20 minutes

The fact that the human body really needs water could not be truer, taking in consideration that it is made of 60 percent water. However, drinking one gallon of water is something that no human being practices. To achieve the goal of drinking a gallon of water a day, you would need to drink water all the time, even when you are not thirsty. You start eating less, but you still feel constant fullness. You also feel a constant need to urinate. The man who did this experiment reports that he was going to the toilet every twenty minutes. He says that people have even started thinking that he is a drug addict because of that. Even he was out, he used to drink water all the time, along with every second drink he ordered, and of course, he was going to the toilet all the time as well.

Day 10I became… beautiful?

As the journalist testimonies, he started feeling different, particularly in the morning. Before, he used to el the need for a large cup of coffee so that it gets him going, but after he started his experiment, he started feeling fresher and more energized even right after he woke up. He felt a real improvement and even started thinking that he has begun looking better. he says that it might have been the placebo effect, but still, his hair and skin had become shinier. Despite the fact that his general opinion was that he is beautiful, he started thinking that there was something different going on with his appearance. The man admits that it was pretty hard for him to carry on so much water with him, but he had to carry on and make it. He had a bottle of water besides him even when he was sleeping. He was aware of the fact that people thought he is a weirdo, but his forearms were getting stronger, or at least that was what he thought.

Day 15I’m full with energy

The man was feeling more energized, and that was certain. He almost stopped drinking coffee, as he did not feel the need to. The braking of this habit was a huge step for him, because he used to drink up to three cups of coffee per day previously. Also, when he was going out running, he felt that he has become a little bit faster. He even noticed improvements in his night’s sleep. He was not feeling so hot when he went to bed like he previously used to. He even started feeling thirsty if he had not drunk water for some time. It was like his body had become adapted to the changes in his lifestyle. He started thinking that nothing was the same like before, and nothing was ever going to be again.

Day 20People are telling me that I look happier

Despite the numerous changes, there was a thing that did not change from the start of the experiment, and that was his frequent going to the toilet. He went on going to the toilet all the time, but his urine had become crystal clear. Even his girlfriend had noticed that his skin looked much better and clearer and he had more energy. As strange as it may seem to you, he says that he really started feeling somehow happier. He got totally used to drinking great amounts of water and this was no longer a problem for him. It was like this amount had become his norm.

Day 30Free and clean

The thirtieth day was the last day of his challenge. What remained the same as the first day was the fact that he was still running to the toilet all the time. What was slightly newer was the fact that he was now constantly thirsty. He jokes that he sometimes felt like an old man because of that, just that, unlike old people, he was full of energy. In his opinion, a gallon of water a day is a bit too much for one to drink, but he does not intend to stop drinking more water in the future, knowing how many positive changes this habit has brought to him. Do not do this challenge at home and by yourselves, but you should definitely consider starting to drink more water. You should find out which is the right amount for you and start taking it in every day and stick to it. The first positive results will be noticeable in just a week time or so.

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