Friday, May 27, 2016

Have you ever been lucky to find someone else’s money laying down on the ground? What’s the most you ever found? $5? $20? $100?

When you hear how much money a Columbian farmer found laying IN the ground… You will be speechless, just as we were when we first heard this news. When Jose Mariena Cartolos, the 65 year old farmer who had recently started a palm oil plantation on a piece of land that has belonged to his family for more than 2 centuries, started digging a trench, he hit something really hard in the earth. After an hour of digging, he uncovered several huge 50 gallon drums, which were by the way very heavy. As everyone else would do, he opened the barrels and almost had a heart attack when he saw the content of the barrels.

Wrapped with plastic, in all barrels there was money. An amazing pile of money. Now comes the most interesting part! The farmer decided to call the authorities, and after the counting, the total amount of the money was… $600,000,000!  Yup, you counted the zeros correctly, six hundred million dollars.

What would you do in that situation? Would you keep the money or would you call the cops? After you hear who’s money it is, you will definitely agree with the Columbian farmer for giving the money to the authorities. The money in those barrels belonged to none other than the famous drug Lord, Pablo Escobar. And how did he know that it was Escobar’s money? Well, in order to hide his drug money from the feds, Escobar was notorious for burying his drug money all over, so it had to be his and who knows who might come looking for that money. Pablo’s “net worth” in his prime time was $30 billion dollars.

As for the farmer’s $600,000,000 seized by the Columbian government, they have no intention of returning any of the money back to Cartolos.

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