Sunday, November 8, 2015

All tea lovers always throw the used tea bags in the dustbin. However, we are not aware how beneficial and healthy they can be and in the same time save us money.

The benefits from tea are well known but the tea bags are very neglected. How you can put together the beautiful and useful.

Do you have a mosquito or hornet bite? You burned yourself? Try to putting cold tea bed in that area and the problem will disappear.

As well, if you woke up with dark circles under your eyes or puffiness – solve your problem with the help of the leftovers from your favorite drink in such a way that you will put tea bags on your eyes and hold them for several minutes.

If your shoes have bad smell, during the night put dried tea bags in them all the bad odors will disappear during the night.

Watch the video and find out how you can use tea bags in your household:

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