Monday, November 23, 2015

All the doctors say that there is no cure for cancer and the only treatment is chemotherapy. But this method will do you more harm, than the cancer itself.

Although, a lot of people in the world ménage to heal themselves from this deadly disease just by using natural herbs and homemade remedies.

Some of them did it by using carrots, others cannabis, third turmeric, baking soda, and the newest remedy they use is the honey.

Ante Kresic from Zagreb, 13 years ago was diagnosed with one of the most dangerous types of cancer – lung cancer and he was told that he won’t live much longer. But Ante Kresic healed himself completely just by using honey and natural herbs, and today he is perfectly healthy man who he is working in the beekeeping business.

He was discharged from the hospital in April, and by summer he was completely healed. When he went to the hospital in Zagreb for a regular check-up after few months, the doctors couldn’t believe that he is still alive.

They’ve recommended that he should carry on with his homemade remedies and his own therapies, and soon his blood count looked like there weren’t any health problems at all.

Healthy and in his full capacity, Kresic has shared his experience with other people across the world, thinking it was his human duty to help the others.

Honey is popular natural remedy for centuries, and it’s been considered to be a holy food and one of the most important natural medicines known to man.

They found bowls full with edible honey in Tutankhamen’s Tomb, over 3000 years old. The Greeks and the Romans used the honey to heal wounds and to strengthen the body. Although, it was used for many years before, but only from rich people because it was too expensive to buy.

Kresic was not the only person to testify that this golden thick liquid can cure cancer if you mix it with some natural spices like pine needles, ginger or other herbs. A woman from Bosnia cured cancer also, with honey and ginger and gave her recipe to everybody, hoping it will help someone like it helped her.

Recipe that she used was:

Two big ginger roots are finely chopped. After that, the chopped ginger is mixed with ½ kg of natural honey. This woman also mentioned that the honey must be homemade, bought from reliable resources.

You should put this mixture into a glass jar and use it 3-4 times a day, 1 tablespoon every time. It’s very important for you to use wooden or plastic spoon. You mustn’t use metal spoon. You can notice its effects after 4 days.

During this therapy it’s very important to stay positive and don’t give up, no matter what the doctors say.

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