Sunday, November 8, 2015

What most people don’t know is that America is one of the greatest importers of food in the world. Our food comes worldwide but mostly we import it from China. Nowadays the rumor has it that garlic full with chemicals is spreading on the market. The belief that our garlic is coming from California is not true for many years because America imported around 138 million pounds of garlic only in the past year. Even the organic garlic is coming from

China and we can’t be sure anymore if it is truly organic.

Chinese garlic is bleached and full with chemicals due to the process of fertilization and growing. It is sprayed with many pesticides and toxins in order to kill insects, stop sprouting and whiten. There are also reports that the garlic is grown in untreated sewage and human sewage is used for ffertilization. Henry Bell, member of the Australian Garlic Industry, says that this kind of garlic might contain bacteria and the Australian quarantine regulations are not that great.

Also, he add that the Chinese methyl bromide fumigation processes is very suspicious and unclear.
Bromide fumigation is used to kill any bugs and pesticides. This is a very toxic chemical and if it comes into the human’s bloodstream it may cause problems with the respiratory and central nervous system. According to UN data this chemical is 60 times more dangerous than chlorine and in some countries it is forbidden.

Chinese garlic also contains lead, sulfites and other unsafe compounds which may cause many diseases and problems. Plus, it is treated with growth inhibitors, kept in very cold temperatures and over-storage. All of this factors decrease the health benefits of allicin, the main component of garlic..
Good news are that it may be spotted and avoided. Here are the most common differences between Chinese and

Californian garlic:
  • True organic garlic has some roots left at the bottom.
  • Californian garlic is heavier then Chinese garlic.
  • American garlic is more flavorful and tastier.

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