Saturday, November 14, 2015

Author: Jithmini Amunugama 

He, who seems having a tiring day comes to buy himself a meal to fill the hollow belly, when he sees the girl from far, who caught his eyes. Bark! Interrupts his sight. He fakes a smile and looks away giving the hungry pup his meal. That simple sacrifice, makes the pup feel totally favored, which makes the days to come be pup’s favors in return. It reserves space at car park for him, barks off a bird, chases another pooch dirtying the alloys, barks over and secure the car from hitting the iron bars and chases a person trying to dislocate the mirrors. It does it’s best to thank, himself blind folded. Then it realizes, the sacrifices never comes over blind folds. That a heartfelt emotion never could be replaced by millions of favors. Pup leads him to the girl he caught his sight the other day. Lasting us to think. How did the pup know?

We have our lives running in a rat race where we forget ourselves being still a rat at the end of the day. Finding the lives of ongoing busy schedules it makes a quiet discourse to us on what we missed living than surviving.  On our way through we meet friends. Friends in different kinds. That of everyone struggling to win the world over pride while being unable to summon up the smallest happy things to give than taking. Thanking, apologizing, and favor in return, pleasing, excusing has only limited to words not action. In such a world filled with humans, exists animals with hearts of spirits. Where? Around the corners of the streets. The dogs we call astray? Yeah, but the ones way more helpful, understanding, intelligent and most faithful. This video silently concludes two main unsaid truths, once you treat someone nice they treat you thousand times better the next day, respect is to earn. Even animals have feelings and rights of respect, what we fail to look upon. Mirror life as a part of nature and it will favor you in return.

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