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Numerous studies show that there is an invisible contact between humans and animals.
It is believed that during interaction the biofield of man enter into resonance with the life force field of the healthy animal. And because mammals have a structure of internal organs similar to human, then they can suck the bad energy of our organs.

If a person is sick for example with the liver, he will receive bioenergy from the liver of a healthy Shepherd.
For The positive impact of energy between man- animal has been written a lot. Many people have observed that the cat comes to help her owner when he feels sick.
The cat removes negative energy and restores the body’s ability to work fully. When negative energy is removed and the cat feels “full”, she gets up and leaves. The cat is the only one of all mammals, whose energy system allows her to operate normally, when have the opportunity to “capture” a negative vibrations. Do not try to keep the cat, if it is ready to leave you, it means only one thing-  that it has already received the required dose of negative energy.
If we talk about the dogs, they often act as a sponges. The Dog protects his master in a energy plan – all negative emotions directed towards the owner: envy, anger, lust, are absorbed by the four-legs guardian.
Although the resistance of dogs to the energy “Dust” is very high, their health can be an indicator of your family welfare: if your dog is sick all the time,  think, is it anything in your family wrong?
Now let’s talk about under what astral energy and influence are dogs and cats and what the desire of having a cat or dog means in a psychological level:

Why Having a Dog or Cat Has a Deep Spiritual Meaning

The Spiritual Meaning Of Having a Cat

Astrologically the cat is associated with the moon. The moon gives us mental softness, gentleness, caring, awakens of the maternal in our feelings. The children and the adults, as a rule, dream of having a cat in their lives when everything related to the topics on the moon – home, family life, the relationship with the mother, is not in order. 
If the desire of a child is to have a kitten, then the child simply lacks our care or it does not feel that the house in which he lives, is really his home. For adults often the desire to take a cat appears after divorce or when family relationships are tightened. 
It happens that a person dreams of a family, seeks his mate and did not find him/her, or faces a choice – whether to agree to accept the marriage proposal or not. And at the same time very often occurs in his mind the thought of a cat.
If a person creates a family where everything is fine, the passion for the cat no longer excites in him as at the time when he was alone. The moon only reflects the sunlight,  as the home reflects the character of the owner and the cat is attached to the reflection – The home.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Having a Dog

The dog is managed by the Sun.  Those who dream of a dog want independence and solar power, want to be an “artist”, the center of the world in which they live. If your child dreams about puppy, create conditions for his creativity, take him in a circle in the school, where they can teach him to do something with his hands. 
The child who dreams about puppy wants to be noticed, it is simply necessary to develop his talents in order to surprise and to delight others.If the adult dreams about a dog, then it’s time to diversify his life.
The sun is a source of creative inspiration and the desire to take a dog occurs when everything in our life is too banal, mundane, when we do not have neither the strength, nor the time for some creativity.
Choose your Best Friend by your heart. This way you will be sure that you made the best choice.
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