Friday, June 23, 2017

Angels make frequent appearances within the holy scriptures and proceed to play an active position in the popular imagination. Whereas many individuals consider that these beings are either symbolic or supernatural figures, others believe that angels might be extra-terrestrials. The Book of Enoch gives an intriguing view on this controversial position.
While most individuals associated angels with the Christian religion, they’re actually a mainstay of many ancient cultural traditions. Lots of the earliest known civilizations within the Close to East, together with the ancient Sumerians, the Babylonians, and the Egyptians had their own narratives surrounding angelic beings. These beings tended to manifest themselves as beings with wings which served because the agents of higher gods. The higher gods utilized the angels as messengers and watchers who would visit the Earthly dimension at their behest.
One of the vital explicit descriptions of angels serving in this capacity comes from the Book of Enoch in the Old Testament. The Book of Enoch describes a vast number of angels settling on the planet Earth who set out to teach Enoch various disciplines. These include meteorology, astronomy, and metalwork. This is a fairly uncommon story, and it appears to chime with a theory often known as the Ancient Astronaut theory. Many individuals believe that the ancients were lent a helping hand in the progression of human civilization on account of the truth that numerous ancient monuments and texts display extraordinary sophistication which is totally unexplained by the cultural and social circumstances of historical record. Could the Book of Enoch be confirmation of this controversial theory?
The Book of Enoch also describes ‘fallen angels’ arriving on Mount Hermon with the intention of living on Earth and assuming power over the planet. These angels are said to have finally integrated into human society and even interbreeding with human beings to create human-angel hybrids. It was this action that incited the wrath of God.
For many individuals, this seems to indicate that human beings had been unwittingly placed within the center of a power battle between two distinct alien breeds – the masterful creator gods and their former servants who sought to take their own path with regards to the planet Earth. If that is so, then it must be of some concern to human beings currently living on this planet. Each the Old and the New Testament make frequent references to a battle which is to come between opposing forces of good and evil. Could it be the case that this battle will involve an almighty struggle between two separate species of powerful alien beings?

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