Friday, June 9, 2017

How pure is your soul?
That’s not a question you hear everyday! As much as we’d all like to answer it by saying we are 100% pure through and through, that’s simply not the case.When it comes to purity of the soul, many other closely related factors come into play that must also be looked at. They include purity of the mind, of the heart, spirit, and of the body.
At its most basic definition, purity means to be free from contamination, adulteration, dirtiness, and immorality. Therefore, it can be said to stand for cleanliness, virtuosity, morality, and innocence.
Out of all those types of descriptions and words, which ones do you think fit your innermost essence, aka your soul, the best? How you answer that highly personal question is very revealing.
Throughout history people have always been fascinated with purity of the soul and they have sought many different methods and ways to go about determining it.
But really, if a person wants a pure soul, all they really have to do is work towards it by thinking and acting in kind, positive, and just ways. Think of it as being kind of like karma. If you think and act pure, then your soul becomes more pure!
The initial question posed, and the quiz that follows, forces you to take a moment to think about what you have done, how you have treated people, and approached life overall. So if you want to know how pure your soul may actually be, complete the quiz.
It might give you a better idea about where you stand, in terms of how you see the world and the choices you make. Pass it on to others so they too can take a moment to reflect on their perceptions and see how pure their souls are. Enjoy!
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This Test Will Tell You How Pure Your Soul Is


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