Saturday, July 18, 2015

By: S.Obeysekara..

Though it is said that “no one is perfect”, most of us belive that we are almost always perfect.It is good if you can think of yourself in such a manner. A  person feels perfect when he or she has never done crimes or any illegal acts.Imagine such a person being suddenly arrested and put into jail for ten years or more. The world  will be shocked! but it’s nothing to be surprized. Watch this video and learn about the ten laws you have probably broken without even knowing.

Just imagine the plight of a person who is watching porn  with an errect body, in an unauthorized Wi-Fi zone by using a fake password. suddenly the police came and trying to arrest him.So what will happen?he will surely curse the police in public. “Oh God !what a poor thing”.So please beware.

Watch below and please SHARE for the others!

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