Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Have you ever seen the parents’ of your boyfriend argument? Do you have any code that only understand you and your partner? From Romantic Love Text Messages I will tell you the 11 things only understand couples who have long time together, pay attention!

01: His family feel comfortable when you are with them..

It could be that you see any little familiar fight, because they consider you one part of the family. But it doesn’t matter, because you are with the people that you love and all looks like great.

02: Whatever you go, every people ask you about your partner..

That is something really true and the most of time you will not know about what she or he is doing right in the moment, so you could answer “He/she will be at home watching Game of Thrones!”.

03: When somebody invite you to a party, you never know if your partner is also invited..

And in addiction, you always do reverse. When everybody go with the partner you go alone and vice versa. Not always you can win.

04: You have your own linguistic code and nobody more understand your jokes..

You have key conversations about all what you do in your relationship. You know this could make that your friends would shock, but this situation is the most beautiful sensation in the world for you both.

05: You have taken strange habits that before you didn’t have it..

While you are cooking with your mother, suddenly you appear with glass diving to cut onions and she looks to you with a strange face. In this moment you notice that this habit is from your partner and now you also do it.

06: You know that you never going to use strange sexual toys with him..

You have a lot of strange sexual toys that you bought time ago, but now you have a partner, you notice that this scare you.

07: You start again a relation with yourself when he spends some days outside..

You both distance some days and you can see yourself eating potatoes until 3 p.m or playing with a Frisbee as a child. You will come back to the civilization when your boyfriend will return, but meanwhile…

08: You are a sex’s psychologist..

In the point that you are, you can evaluate his mood and know if that night you are going to give all in the bed or maybe if both will sleep embrace serenely. Both options look great.

09: You try that your partner do not see you in intimate moments, but finally is something inevitable..

You try to do pee with the door closed, but one day he is taking a shower and you enter in the bathroom because you think that he cannot see you, but through the screen all can be seen!

10: You know all about the friends and workmate’s partner..

When you meet at first time with them you think “Hi, nice to meet you. How is your mother, who loves to make cupcakes?” and you start to scare about yourself.

11: When you try something new in the bed and in the end both start to laugh..

This is other of the reason that only is worth for the couples who have long time together.

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