Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A new Youtube social commentary video reveals the true extent of what it’s like to be gay in Russia.

Russian YouTube prank artists ChebuRussiaTV aren’t usually known for hard hitting political commentary but their latest hidden camera stunt really shines a light on the issues facing homosexuals in the country today.

The stunt is simple – the two men walk through Moscow holding hands to see how people react to them.

And some of the responses are shocking.

Although there are many instances of passers-by doing nothing about it, there are also several examples where citizens bothered by the guys’ display of public affection provoke, threaten and harass them, and things sometimes threaten to get violent.

In light of the recent marriage equality votes in the U.S and Ireland, and the growing acceptance of homosexuality and same-sex marriage around the world, it’s sometimes easy to forget that there are still nations which are less open minded.

Although homosexuality is not illegal in Russia, there is a law preventing the distribution of LGBT “propaganda”.

Add in the recent straight pride flag and the public opinion that 80% in the nation oppose same-sex marriage and 41% believe gay citizens should be persecuted, and it’s quite clear that being a member of the LGBT community under Vladimir Putin’s rule is a very scary proposition.

And those bigoted and homophobic opinions are extremely clear in this video. Terrifying!

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