Thursday, February 2, 2017

A lot of people constantly use Vicks VapoRub for treating cold and flu symptoms. This ointment is very effective in relieving a cough, nasal and chest congestion, fever, and many other health problems, and its use is considered to be completely safe.

However, Vicks VapoRub might not be as harmless as it is believed to be, especially when used to treat little children.

A Mexican Mom Warns the Parents about the Dangers of Vicks VapoRub

Recently, a mother from Mexico shared a tragic story in order to warn the parents that the usage of Vicks VapoRub can have fatal consequences.

One day, when she came back from work, she saw that her 2-year-old baby had a fever. The mom thought that her baby had a common cold, so instead of visiting the doctor, she decided to use a home remedy.

She applied Vicks VapoRub under the child’s nose, on the chest, and on the back, hoping that the ointment will break up the mucus. Then, both of them fell asleep.

During their nap, the child suffocated right beside the mother. When the mom woke up, she instantly took her baby to the hospital, but sadly, the child had died before they arrived there.

The doctors confirmed that the death was caused by an inflammation in the respiratory tract, which was produced by the camphor contained in the ointment.

The mother decided to share this devastating story in order to prevent the other parents from experiencing the same dreadful tragedy. Many people believe that Vicks VapoRub is beneficial for relieving congestion.

However, this popular ointment can actually increase the mucus production in children by 60%. This product can have dangerous effects on little children, so you should always ask for a medical advice before using it.

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