Thursday, October 8, 2015

Many swear that baby oil is the solution for various problems. It's amazingly soft on your skin and is perfect for even the most sensitive of issues - and not just on your body. Here are 14 uses for baby oil that you won't find written on any bottle.

01. Cracked heels..

Rub your dry or cracked feet at bedtime with some baby oil and pull a pair of socks on. The next morning your feet will be like new.

02. Removing paint from your skin..

If you get some paint on your skin that has dried to a solid, it's often hard to remove it. Use some baby oil and it'll come off without even scrubbing! It even works with normal oil, like for a bicycle chain.

03. Getting rid of earwax..

Just a couple drops with a pipette and let them work for a few seconds. Then wash out in the shower with some warm water.

04. During and after shaving..

Get smooth legs and get rid of those bothersome hairs by using baby oil instead of shaving cream! Even when shaving, the skin is moisturised and if you put some oil on the razor it protects and soothes the skin.

05. Remove stubborn bandaids..

When a band-aid sticks too well, it can be very painful to remove it. Baby oil can be a real blessing for this. Stir some together with some baking powder and apply on the adhesive parts of the band-aid. Let it work for a moment and then peel off. This trick also works with adhesive tattoos and all kinds of stickers.

06. Get that ring off..

When your fingers swell, rings that just fit can become impossible to remove. That's where the baby oil can do its magic. Rub some on the finger and it'll slip right off.

07. Oil the paper shredder..

So that the shredder runs like clockwork, run a piece of paper soaked in baby oil through the machine and it'll work as good as new.

08. Before the manicure..

Before putting on nail polish, rub your cuticles with some baby oil. It'll protect the sensitive skin from the polish and moisturize it too.

09. Remove eye makeup..

Put some baby oil on a cotton pad and rub it over your eyes. The residue will disappear immediately from your skin!

10. Oil door hinges..

You don't need expensive special lubricant to oil your door hinges! A drop of baby oil does it on its own. No more squeaking.

11. Clean makeup brushes..

Clean the brush with water and soap. Then rub in a few drops of baby oil so that the brush hairs remain soft.

12. Improve your body wash..

Just pour some baby oil into your body wash and shake. Now your skin will be wonderfully soft after every shower!

13. Untangle chains and necklaces..

To unravel knotted chains, simply place a drop of baby oil on the stubborn piece and they'll come apart much more easily!

14. Bring back that classic wooden shine..

Take a rag and apply some baby oil on an old wooden table or dresser and rub in. The piece will shine immediately and get some of its wonderful color back.

It's so great to see how many applications even the most "normal" of things have. If you had no idea that baby oil could do so much, then share these uses with everyone you know!

Source: hefty

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