Saturday, October 24, 2015

The water is a true life source and fundamental element of every function of the body. Without enough hydration it is impossible to imagine healthy bloodstream, kidneys, muscles and especially the cleaning of the organism i.e. removing bad materia from the organism. Drinking water is generally good for the health and this is the first thing which is advised to people in order to feel better. Unfortunately modern age is over flown with different chemicals and medicine which crushed into oblivion the fact how healthy is the water for our long life.

We found an interesting recommendation which is well known to Japanese people. It is a Japanese water therapy from ancient times and it was actualized in the Second World War. Than in Japanese newspaper appeared a recommendation which was taken from traditional medicine and advised to start the day drinking large amounts of clean water.

Japanese traditional medicine recommends drinking water right after waking up, as the most important natural healthy habit, and scientists have confirmed the positive effects from this practice.

How this Japanese water therapy works?

Japanese water treatment give excellent results as natural medicine for treating meningitis, diabetes, gastritis, headaches, asthma, bronchitis, arthritis, epilepsy, pain, heart problems, blood fat, diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract, nerve disorders, tumors, diseases of the eye, menstrual disturbances, general malaise, loss of energy and cleaning of the body.

How to perform this Japanese water therapy?

In the morning, right after waking up and washing your teeth you need to drink 4 glasses of warm water or approximately 640 ml. After you drink the water in the next 45 min you shouldn’t eat or drink anything else. Than continue normally with your rituals.

This therapy recommends and consuming warm water during the meal and 15 min after it and then a pause of 2 hours between the meals and drinking more water.

The therapy gives great results on many discomforts and cleans the organism within 30 days.

The advice is that this way of consuming water should be accepted as lifestyle rule.

There are no consequences nor harmful effects from this type of therapy except that it may cause urinary frequency.

Those who have difficulties to start the day with more than ½ l water and especially old and ill people are advised to start with less and constantly increase the amount up to 4 glasses in the morning.

On the internet you may find many testimonies from people who have made significant improvement in their health, energy and physical appearance thanks to this simple treatment.

On the contrary from the west world citizens of Japan almost never drink cold water with their food and more often drink warm tea during meals.

The Japanese are one of the healthiest and longest living nations in the world and in 2008 they had registered more than 33 thousand people older than 100 years.

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