Saturday, June 6, 2015

Students recently asked their principal to attend a senior meeting. Little did she know, however, her life was about to change.

Earlier this month, Courtney Vashaw, principal of the Profile school in Bethlehem, NH, was diagnosed with a rare cancer. The senior class banned together and made a unanimous decision — to give up their senior class trip and donate nearly $8,000 to Courtney’s medical care.

The students wanted to show Courtney, who has been working at the school for seven years, the selflessness she displays on a daily basis.

This incredible principal, as you’ll see below, was completely stunned by the kindhearted gesture that’s now going viral.

“I feel like this has been a beautiful experience as an educator,” she told ABC News. “You work so hard to try and help cultivate not only academically astute young people but kids who care. I am just so impressed and so proud of these kids for being the embodiment of that.”

In a few weeks, Courtney is scheduled to undergo treatment, but not before celebrating with her students for picking up their diplomas.

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