Saturday, June 20, 2015

Flaking SkinIn Chinese medicine, the skin represents your reaction to life. If foot skin is flaky, you are not looking after yourself. You’re pushing yourself too hard. Flaky skin also indicates you need more love in your life.

Dark patches of skin on the Toe Pads : This can indicate depression; depressed people tend to walk on the front of their feet, pushing their weight forwards.

Ridged Nails : If your toe nails are vertically ridged, you may have a problem with your digestive and metabolic system. Try eating healthily. Horizontal ridges indicate very high stress levels.

Bunions : When I see a bunion I see someone who is running themselves ragged for others. Stop, and think about yourself for a change.

Calluses on the Ball of the Foot : The ball of the foot is associated with shoulders. A callus here indicates someone with bad posture. Perhaps you’re exhausted or shouldering too much responsibility.

Patches of Dark Red or Purple color : Darkened areas of skin indicate deep hurt. Patches of purple or red on feet point towards an emotional wound. If your feet are paler than the rest of your body, your circulation is weak.

Swelling under the Ball of Foot : The central area underneath the ball of the foot represents the stomach and liver. If there are swellings here, you should cut back on alcohol and fatty food.

Soft spongy area around the Achilles Tendon : A squashy, spongy area around the Achilles tendon on the heel indicates fertility problems. Cutting back on caffeine and increasing the amount of water you drink will help.

Cracked Heels : Poor digestion, excess heat produced in body which is not balanced.

Should avoid spicy and fried food. Should always cover feet with socks and shoes..

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