Tuesday, July 11, 2017

You’ve probably heard the phrases “Everything in life comes to an end”, “Life is all about changes” or “Nothing lasts forever”. These are phrases said by wise ones to those who found it difficult letting go of their twin flame. Words nobody likes to hear, yet they are aware of how truthful they are.
Are we able to let go from such a person?
The answer’s no. The person you end up calling “Twin Flame” is someone you share an unbreakable bond with and share a relationship that surpasses the human standards and expectations.

However, there are indeed things you can let go to achieve a more peaceful and enjoyable relationship with your twin flame. What am I talking about? Well, letting go of attachment, for starters, letting go of that desire to cause drama. Letting go of your egocentrically biased perspectives and letting go of unrealistic expectations.

Where do the hard feelings come from?

Whenever we start a relationship, it’s unavoidable to compare it to our past relationships, which in a certain way is quite toxic, it becomes a relationship where we expect something.
This kind of mindset usually makes us force our twin flame to match a particular shape to fit in, without realising it is quite an abusive behaviour, psychologically speaking; instead of being open to love that person as they are and give them the love we all crave for.

How do you deal with it?

The trick relies on being patient and letting things flow as they are, being aware of a reality and possibilities that might take place. You learn how to take things easy and not cause drama about any “out of the grid” behaviour at any moment.
In the end, you will be feeling comfortable and calm by accepting things as they come, knowing that you are doing your best to put someone else’s happiness before yours.

Let go of your resented inner self

It’s quite horrible, frustrating and saddening to see people whose egos turn them into individuals with no feeling who pretend to have control over everything. They are suppressing that fear they have of losing someone or something, which is an extreme measure to cut any opportunity for this to happen.
One could visualise it as a protective shell to protect the vulnerabilities inside. The part you don’t notice, and probably nobody tells you about, is that the shell might also be full of spikes that hurt others when they try to get close to you.
Removing that shell and everything becomes silent, you form a deeper spiritual connection with your twin flame which is soothing.
Removing expectations and attachment and your soul will be at peace. Then you can feel your twin flames love all the time, whether you are close to them or not which warms your chest healing everything. There will be no place for false assumptions or senseless thoughts.

In The End

The solution is not about letting go of your twin flame, but letting go of your expired hard feelings, unrealistic expectations and egocentrically placed resentment. Do not burden your loved one with things from the past and burned papers.
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