Thursday, July 27, 2017

Everyone has inherent psychic ability. One of the first steps to unlocking this potential is actually believing that it’s possible. We are so much more powerful than we realize, and if you truly believe something is impossible, then in your reality, it will be. There is an infinite universe of abstract and impossible creations beyond our physical realm.

If this 3D life was all that was possible in our universe, how unbelievably boring it would be.

Tips for Beginner Psychics

There are multiple types of psychic abilities to be understood, but for the purpose of beginners we’ll focus on the three most popular: clairaudience is the perception of things through hearing, clairsentience is perception through intuition or feelings and clairvoyance is visualizing things or events in the future or not within reach of normal human contact.

Here are some exercises to try out yourself:


1.Start by listening to everything around you at once, soak it all in
2.Next, focus on distinct and individual sounds. Listen for birds chirping, tress leaves blowing, distant planes, etc.
3.Eventually you will notice an increase in what you are aware of around you so practice any chance you get!


1.Have a friend take a tray and place 5 different objects on it (tip: make sure they’re things you’ve never seen before)
2.Study the tray for 10 seconds, then have your friend remove it from view
3.In your mind visualize each object and where it was placed. Strive for as much detail as possible
4.Increase the object amount as the game gets easier to you (10-15 objects)
5.If you’re alone, this can also be done with playing cards. Place them face up, study it then cover


Using a technique known as psychometry, learning about objects through touch by reading the energy on them, you too can practice clairsentience.
1.Start with small objects you can fit in your hand (eg. jewellery, keys, anything metal particularly). Something that’s been worn a lot is best
2.Sit comfortably, take deep breaths and rub your hands together to get energy flowing
3.Place the object in your hand and close your eyes
4.Write down or have a friend write everything you see, hear or feel. Don’t filter yourself.
5.Ask the person who gave you the object to validate your feedback

Being psychic takes a lot of time, patience and work, but with these simple exercises you can grow your abilities. If you keep at it you just might become an expert in no time at all!

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