Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Have you noticed how intense the more recent synchronicities have become? The synchronistic events I have been experiencing have been almost constant and forever more amazing than I could have ever hoped for.
I have met up with old friends whom I thought I had completely lost touch with, and I even managed to move forward in life following a near death experience. I see repeating numbers more often than I don’t and I am amazed at how much the Universe is sending my way.
With that being said, it does not appear that I am the only one experiencing this as other people seem to be feeling it, too. The Universe is giving them so much and yet asking for so little. Even when I meditate I feel this intense energy far more full than I have in the past, surging through me. There has to be some sort of explanation for this. Is there some sort of new super positive energy coming from somewhere unknown?
I am able to rid myself of negativity far more easily than I ever have before, and when I am with my like minded friends it seems as if there is a complete ball of energy exploding from within us. Where could all of this energy be coming from? Is this what it feels like to reach a new level of higher consciousness? Is this a level with which I am unfamiliar?
This year the synchronicities I have been experiencing have been far more intense. They are everywhere and so much more inviting than I had ever hoped they would be. The more I am in nature the more powerful I feel.
While many of you will think I am crazy for thinking this way, and for all I know you may not even understand what I am saying but this is truly life changing. Is this some sort of quantum entanglement we are unaware of?
While I do not have all of the answers or any of them for that matter I can feel the energy that is making its way through this planet and into our lives. Whether this is a simple frequency change or some sort of mass awakening we will soon know. If you are sensitive enough to have noticed this please let us know.
Have you been feeling what I have been feeling? For those who are not familiar with synchronicity please check out the video below.

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