Tuesday, July 25, 2017

By: Sherrie

Telepathic powers are not just supernatural talents seen movies. These abilities are real!

Last year, I read a study about mind to mind communication, a study which basically proved that telepathic powers were real. As I read and studied this phenomenon, I wondered why we don’t utilize this gift to navigate through life’s issues. But then I realized how hard it was to enter that place that allows us to implement telepathic powers, and indeed, it’s quite a feat.

The simple fact that most of us still deny this ability, tells us that we haven’t seen enough proof.  We also refuse to accept the taboo of entering the privacy of other’s minds. I mean, would you be all that excited about mental intrusions? I thought not. Regardless, the third eye is present within us all, and if you’ve had a feeling you might be capable of utilizing this gift, this information is for you.

You will know by the signs that you’re ready to accept your telepathic powers

People were asked which ability they would love to have if they could have superhuman powers. Telepathic abilities came second to flying. There are so many reasons why some of us would love to “read minds”, as invasive and nerve-wracking as it may be.
Well, there are ways to tell if you could be nearing this potential, that is. These 6 signs may just be the push you need to embrace telepathy.

01: Dreams increase and become more vivid

I have vivid dreams quite a bit, and I also notice when they increase in frequency and detail. Until I studied the signs of rising telepathic abilities, I thought nothing of it. Apparently, a drastic increase in your frequency of dreams and the fact that they become more vivid is a sign that yourthird eye is opening.
Pay attention to whether you can smell things, feel things and actually become emotional in dreams. All these sensations will increase as you start to recall more details about your dreams, when awake. Keep a journal by the bed so that after you awaken, you can record the content of these dreams. Any aspects of these dreams could tell you about your hidden powers.

02: Nausea and illnesses

The rising of pure energy, signifying telepathic power, will cause a chemical change in the body. What you feel as sickness could possibly be the reconstruction of the body’s spiritual and chemical compounds. In Sanskrit, this process is called “tapas” or purification. Basically, the body is preparing to utilize unfamiliar abilities.
Now, I’m not saying ignore physical symptoms of illness, nor am I suggesting you ignore mental illness side effects, that’s not the case. But if all this has been taken into consideration, then you should be open minded and accept what could be your time of awakening.

03: Recurring headaches

Have you noticed an increase in headaches lately? What you could be experiencing is an influx of energy. You might be able to tell the difference between a “regular” a headache and an awakening, due to the fact that the awakening will be similar to a migraine – it will be extremely painful. When these headaches occur, try soaking your feet in warm water to help ground these intense energies.
You can also try using essential oils to take the edge off these headaches. After all, they will continue until you accept your awakening and utilize your telepathic energies.

04: You will change your circle of friends

When you start to experience the awakening of telepathic powers, you will be more energizedand upbeat. You will start to refrain from negativity and thus, your friends will either be happy for you or they will fall away. Those who are used to talking about negative things will lose interest in your company, these will fall away first.
You will then start to attract people who are much different from your routine company. Yourenergies and their own will start to synchronize. When these things start to happen, you can be sure that something big is on the horizon.

05: Priorities will change

When you start to develop telepathic powers, all the things that you placed at utmost importance will lose their relevance. Those arguments that used to keep you up at night will start to have a different meaning. You will choose to put more importance on larger things, especially spiritual things.
As the universe starts to put new people in your path and new opportunities, you will see with new eyes, namely the third eye as it awakens in the pineal gland.
Have you experienced a shift in moods lately? Does it feel like you are going through a rough mental patch, worse than anything you have experienced before? If so, your mind could be preparing you for an elevation, so to speak. As you become confused about previous things, you will start to gain clarity about others. This, in turn, will cause those priority changes, I spoke about.

06: Increase in empathy

You could be experiencing your first indications of telepathy when you notice an increase in empathy. Being empathic allows you to feel what others feel, and sometimes this is difficult for people. If you find yourself getting a little too upset about an isolated situation, you could be absorbing emotions from others. Victims or survivors could be sending out energies that are pricking your sensitivities.

Awakening your telepathic powers is a good thing! Don’t be afraid

When symptoms start to happen, you may want to panic, but don’t. You may be confused, angry and even in pain, but if you allow changes instead of fighting them, you will be able to help clear the third eye and open up to a whole new world.
Want to help open your third eye and welcome your telepathic powers? Just a few changes in your routine can help you open up. Try using essential oils, eat nutritious foods, meditate more often, utilize crystals, and one of the simplest ways of reaching a new level – get plenty of sunlight! Vitamin D deficiencies can be almost deadly!
If you think you may have hidden telepathic powers, then allow the process to finish. You never know how your life will change for the better.
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