Saturday, July 8, 2017

Lately, you might have heard of something called indigo children; but did you know that there were indigo adults too? They certainly exist and they have extraordinary capabilities. Are you one?
The indigo children are something that has existed for thousands of years – in fact, they have always existed – they just discovered them in the past few decades. They are essentially an upgraded blueprint of humanity. Indigo children are said to have a superpower like abilities. They are highly driven and intelligent. They contain the ability to perceive the established ‘norms’ of society. If you relate to any of these characteristics, you might even be an indigo child/adult.

The color indigo I thought to come from the third eye chakra or the sixth chakra. There is a theory that indigo’s are largely governed by the third eye chakra, explaining many of their traits. Indigo isn’t referring to the color of the individual’s aura. It is referred to as the life color because it symbolizes a deeper being than your conscious self. Indigos have been called sick, falsely diagnosed with ADD and other things. They are not sick, they are special. They have been called supernatural. They are not supernatural, they are natural. They are very natural: super-natural if you will. I think they are very special beings that are worth understanding, respecting, and taking care of.

  • Favor leadership roles or prefer working alone than working in a team.
  • Seem intolerant of ignorance but have a deep connection to, and empathy for, other people.
  • Can be overly-emotional, like crying for no reason. Or the complete opposite and display no emotion at all.
  • May have anger issues.
  • Have problem with systems they consider failed or broken, ie. educational, medical, legal, and political.
  • Feel alienated and angry with politics, you feel your voice will not matter or the outcome doesn’t relate to you.
  • You are frustrated with the 9 to 5 occupations, marriage, kids etc.
  • You have an inner desire to change things and make this world a better place.
  • Have many spiritual or psychic interests that seem to have manifested when you were younger.
  • You have had several psychic encounters, seeing spirits, OBE, hearing voices, premonitions etc.
  • You are electrically sensitive to items like watches which seem to malfunction or street lights which seem to falter around you.
  • You have knowledge of other dimensions and can literally feel their presence.
  • You are sexually expressive or you may disapprove of excessive sexuality with the intent of a higher intimate spiritual connection.
  • You seek meaning to your life through spirituality.
  • You are determined to find balance to become stronger, happy and healthy.
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