Sunday, March 19, 2017

By: Phil Booth

The sun and moon tick off the passage of time like the hands of a clock. The sun is the hour hand clicking through each of the twelve zodiac signs. The moon is the minute hand ticking off the days with each monthly orbit around Earth.

The spring equinox marks the point that the sun leaves spiritual Pisces and enters the action-sign of Aries. For the northern hemisphere, the days from this point onward begin to grow longer than the nights. This is essentially the first day of the year. Sap rises up the trees, buds burst into life, leaves paint the forest green, birds build their nests and bees dip their toes in newly born blossoms.

Write down a list of your wishes for this year ahead. Set your goals. Plan out your strategy. March forward with the yang energy of the sun like Ramses of ancient Egypt. Go out and conquer the world like Alexander the Great. The sun, known as Apollo in ancient times, illuminates your search for fulfilment. You are not some random loose bolt knocking around in the machinery of life. You were born to fulfil an important mission. You are the center of the Universe. Life revolves around you. We all depend on you to do what you came into this world to do.


Self-doubt and pessimism have a way of insidiously creeping into our daily stream of thoughts with debilitating results. It’s crucial to recognize this when it occurs and weed these thoughts out. Failure to do so undermines your personal power and ability to influence the direction of events. This coming year promises to be an amazing experience provided that you diligently scrutinize your thought patterns. Proceed with a bold heart and an intrepid spirit. Past disappointments will fade like the morning mist in the hot summer sun. The universe is ushering you through a golden gateway into an era of great happiness.


Pining over lost opportunities or admonishing yourself for bad decisions are counterproductive indulgences. The truth is that greatness is born out of failure. They are blessings in disguise. You’ve learned much through your experiences – good and bad, so much so, that you have acquired the wisdom to make wise and judicious choices. This will come in handy at certain critical junctions through this next year. Your passion and determination will propel you through any and every barrier that rises up to challenge you. In this ground-changing year ahead, you will steer your life towards the land of your dreams.


The weather has gone bonkers. The economy is on tenterhooks. Our material security is unstable. These are turbulent and tumultuous times. Yet, despite the rampant madness, these times will prove good for you by preventing you from lapsing into a mood of complacency. It’s compelling you to find meaning and purpose in your existence. You are here to accomplish great things. There is no time waste. To achieve victory, you must be bold and courageous. With that determined Eye of the Tiger, you will find victory, foster emotional happiness and take hold of material prosperity. You can have it all.


The time of exciting change is here. Throw out the old rule book that has governed your life up until now. It’s possible from now on to play your life according to a new set of rules, i.e. your rules. A positive shift in your fortunes will be your reward for all the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth you’ve had to go through. You’ve experienced enough suffering for this lifetime. It’s time now to bask in the golden light of sunny good fortune. A new world is opening up that will lead to a life of elation and joy.


Apollo, the Sun, has heard your call for assistance. He’s issued an edict to Athena and Mercury/Hermes to the effect that you must get all the celestial help required to get you on the fast track to success. The fiery energy of the sun will inspire you with the will to win and the passion to make it to the summit of your dreams. A halcyon breeze has already begun to stir the sails on your ship. It’s sending you towards the destination you came into this life to find. This will not be some brief escape from difficulties. It clearly has the hallmarks of something huge. It will be long-lasting, profound and sublimely meaningful.


Ancient civilizations were connected with a creative source that is beyond the comprehension of today’s consciousness. They were not hindered by the hubris of the rational mind. Down deep within your unconscious there resides a benevolent spiritual source that is ready to guide and protect you. No state-of-the-art engineering can part rivers, move mountains or build pyramids more effectively than that source. You may not build a pyramid this year, but let’s not preclude that possibility. The stars indicate that there is no limit to what you can accomplish as long as you believe in the benevolent source of this universe.


An exciting shift in your perception is unfolding. It’s subtle, but life-changing. It’s life-changing because it’s leading to you to view life in the vibrant colours of high definition. It will lead to the realization that you’ve been hitherto viewing everything in muted sepia tones. Encouraging developments will boost your confidence and inspire your sense of self. They will fast-track you to success. Your intuitive abilities are swinging into gear and giving you the clarity needed to make decisive and judicious choices in your quest to reach a heartfelt goal.


The sun will illuminate the path towards the accomplishment of your most cherished dreams. Make sure you get your priorities in order so as not to squander your exceptional good luck. Choose where you apply yourself with a judicious eye. Celestial portents indicate that you are on your way to achieving the miraculous. You’ll be surprised and pleased with the gifts that this benevolent universe bestows upon you. There are plenty of valid reasons to feel hopeful and exultant about what is to come.


Life is never perfect. Such is the way of life here on Earth. Perfection is an ideal. It’s what we all strive for, that is, if we haven’t given up – and we mustn’t do that. It is imperative to continue striving for the best. Success is dependent on not indulging our thoughts on all that is wrong. We must appreciate and be thankful for all that is good. If you want your garden to thrive, you must water the roses, not the weeds. Your own personal magic star is with you at all times. In this next lucky year of your life, you’ll learn what it means to be the master of your destiny.


The time has come to make your mark on the world. Standing in the shadows has come to an end. The sun has put you in the spotlight. You were born to achieve something of crucial importance. Unbeknownst to you, you have strong and well-defined sense of self. People look to you for leadership. Auspicious stellar indicators portend a surge in your personal power and sphere of influence. There is nothing now that could possibly thwart your big move towards the pinnacle of the mountain. You can and will achieve the unimaginable.


You’ve been living your life according to rules that have now become redundant. Times have changed. You’ve changed. The world has changed. A momentous kick-start is in the cards. The stars will introduce you this year to a new set of rules to live by. A halcyon breeze is filling your sails and sending your ship along to an exotic destination. Old and weary routines will give way to more spontaneous lifestyle that satisfies your emotional and psychological needs. A new world beckons. The sun will lead the way.


To know the future is to have power. With it you can bask in the certainty of knowing what lies around the next bend. That’s a tall order here in material reality called life on Earth. Under normal circumstances the best we can do is to get glimpses of what’s ahead, but in this great year ahead you’ll do better. The universe is always testing your resolve, resilience and mettle. By relishing your challenges and being inspired by them, the gods will forewarn you of trouble and guide you to victory. Your courage will be rewarded. This year ahead will prove to be a truly gratifying turning point.

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