Friday, March 31, 2017

We have all heard the phrase “You are the Master of your own Destiny”. What this means in Law of Attraction terms is that you create your reality and attract into your life circumstances that align to your current state of thinking. We all want to have the most amazing life possible (at least on a soul level – even if the subconscious is in conflict) – but do you have the ability to take the helm and steer your own life?

The Universe responds well to clear and strong manifestation requests coming from a place of confidence, empowerment and self belief. When you are strong and clear in yourself – the Universe can hear you and you are more likely to get what you want. But at the same time you have to make it happen for yourself and be able to take action steps that will get you there. It is the action that is the stumbling block for many. There is a desire, a wish, a dream – and then there is the end result out their in the ethers – as yet unmanifested – but in between is a gaping chasm that can only be bridged through the path of action which requires a degree of self mastery.
Self mastery is the ability to create for yourself what you want in your life from a place of clarity, whilst having the focus and determination not to yield to external distractions that will take you away from where you want to be. When you know what you want and you believe you can have what you want and you can do the action steps –  you will receive or experience it.
So how can one become the Master of one’s Destiny and harness the Law of Attraction to its fullest?
Here are 5 basic steps that can greatly improve your ability to create your own life.
1. Recognize you have the power to choose. If you are not where you want to be – you have to narrow the gap through the power of conscious and clear choices. Your life is a product of your choosing and if you want to manifest well you have to be able to become aware of what you are choosing! If your subconscious is doing it for you – then you are at the mercy of the unknown. Make it a point to know yourself better.
Your whole life is the product of your choices.
Positively affirming choices take you closer to your ideal – negative choices take you further away. You can compound the power of positive choices to build a powerful field of intent that will attract positive circumstances into your life. If you believe you cannot choose – you are a victim and must then just hope for the best. Being a victim to outer circumstance is a power drain and not fun. Look to see where you give your power away externally. For as long as you do this – others will choose for you – every time – on their terms!
2. Make sure your life is on your terms. Your life has to work for you if you are going to create anything. Working on all levels. Work in work that works for you. Making the money that gives you the life that you want. Manifesting the clients that suit you.
Do a reality check and see who’s terms are running your life?
If they are not yours – you are not a Sovereign Being and you will be living the life stories of others.
Once your life is on your own terms – other people’s stories will not trouble you or sway you from your path. A LOT of obstacles on the path to creating your ideal life will have root causes in living on other’s peoples terms. To have the power to live your own life – take it back from those who you gave it to in the first place. Other people – if you let them – will put rocks in your path – when you least expect it.
Wow! Where did those rocks come from !?
Know what you want and make sure that you are in control of your own life – at all times.
3. Be Yourself. As you have the potential to become your own Master – the way to realize this is to be authentic to yourself. Do not be concerned about what others may think, what people want you to wear, what people want you to be like or worry about getting permission from the outside to be who you want to be. Just be yourself. If you are concerned about other peoples thoughts and opinions – there is some self-love work to do so that you can develop a stronger sense of self determination.
The Universe does not care for ‘hoop jumping’ or ‘people pleasing’. Please yourself and you will please those who respect and appreciate you. If people do not respect and appreciate you – the chances are you do not want them around anyway.
4. Be aware of dream-stealers. Make sure you do not share your manifestation wishes with those who believe you should not have it. If people would never consent to what you want – ask yourself what are you doing in their lives? There is a power in keeping one’s mouth shut in such cases.
Blabbing to the whole world about what you want will dilute your energy and prevent you getting what you want. What you will then get is a mixture of your dreams mixed in with a dose of everyone else’s dreams – whether agreeable or not!
Intent and focus is magnified when you strengthen up your energy field and cease being the loose cannon. Many of us like to post our wishes and dreams in Facebook groups so that we can get support in manifesting them – but it does not work like that. There are big Facebook Support Groups out there for Manifestors but the truth is that the words Manifestation and Support Group are a contradiction in terms. Only you can create your own life. You are responsible for it. No-one else can do it for you. If you are weak willed and ask others to help – you will attract into your life those who do not have your best interests at heart.
If you need support, hire a therapist first to sort out the emotional problems so that you can stand on your own two feet. Then think about using the Law of Attraction after.
5. Do not take crap or crappy behaviour from people. A big one but an important one. People like trying to crap over successful people because they hate their own life and feel envious, jealous or downright hateful. Learn how to deal with it and develop a thick skin. Be loving and soft on the inside and know when to share that – but make sure you have some protection in the world. Learn how to give karma back that is not yours and learn how to not attract crap in the first place.
Many philosophies talk about love and forgiveness but the real forgiveness is in releasing your emotional attachment to the story so that it no longer affects your life. Period.
The more you love and respect yourself – the less you will be presented with other people’s emotional crap. Once you have the above 5 in place – you are well on the way to manifesting your amazing and abundant life.
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