Saturday, March 18, 2017

Highly developed people from the spiritual circles believe that we travel through lives in clusters. These clusters are families of souls, usually between 40 and 80, that reincarnate together but not always have the same rolls.

So, it’s inevitable to meet at least some of them during our life on Earth. Here is how to recognize souls from your past lives:

01. Instant bonding: Is pouring your heart out in front of strangers a usual thing you do? If it’s not and you still did it in front of this person you have never seen before, it might be a sign they’re somebody from your past life. You feel really comfortable in their company and you don’t want to stop. What is more, you can’t believe the number of intimate things you’ve told this stranger, and somehow it came naturally to you.

02. Instant aversion: It’s the first time you meet this person and yet you feel inexplicably repulsed. Even though you’re trying not to judge them before you get to know them, you still feel their negativity. It’s possible that you ran into an enemy or someone who hurt you in your past life.

03. Butterflies: Every time you meet this person, the butterflies go crazy in your stomach. Of course, this might be a sign that you are in love, but if it’s followed by the constant feeling of unrest and discomfort, it’s probably not the case. You just can’t relax around these people. It’s like you are always waiting for something bad to happen.

04. You like same things: There are people that we enjoy hanging out with. Most of the time, we like the same things – the same cuisine, the same foreign cultures and languages, the same relaxation and hobbies, etc. This might be somebody that made you really happy in a past life; someone who shared many happy moments with. There might be a chance you were friends or partners, living in the same country you both like.

05. You complement each other perfectly: You work well together, like a well-oiled machine. You finish each other’s sentences and it looks like you can read one another’s minds. It doesn’t have to happen only with people you’ve known for a long time.

06. Someone’s always angry with you: Do you have someone in your life who is always reproaching you and nothing you ever do is good enough for them? More so, they act as you owe them something; as if you have to pay them respect and show them gratitude. This might be a person that you have unresolved issues with that originate from a past life, and neither of you is aware of it.

07. The feeling of guilt: Do you feel as if with some people you give more than you get? Maybe you met that person like a century ago. It’s really interesting, because when you’re together you get the constant need to make it up to them. You get these types of feelings even though you haven’t done anything wrong to that man or woman. What is possible is that your subconsciousness is telling you that you did something bad to them in your past life, and now it’s eating you alive.

08. Unacceptable sexual attraction: People can have these kinds of feelings for a distant relative, someone much older or younger or even for a married person. If you have ever felt inappropriate sexual attraction towards a person, whether it made you uncomfortable, or you couldn’t understand it, there’s a great chance you were lovers in your past life.

09. Telepathic bond: People who used to be intimate friends or lovers in a past life, are often telepathically connected. having said that, I bet it happened to you to think of a person, and, all of a sudden, you see them in the street or they give you a call. Maybe in other situation, someone told you something and you already knew what they were going to say. Also, when you receive a text, and you already know who it is from.

10. You recognize those eyes: That’s a mutual trait of kindred spirits. Many people say that they have  experienced meeting people for the first time, and instantly recognizing their eyes. It felt like they had seen them before. This might be the case because, when we reincarnate everything changes; our bodies, our looks, our gender… The only thing that stays the same are our eyes.

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