Thursday, March 30, 2017

Being an old soul isn’t always easy. They are often labeled as boring or weird, and they go through life with the constant feeling that no one truly understand them. If you know an old soul, take a minute to look at the world through their perspective. You might end up understanding them a little bit better.

Here are eight common problems old souls experience at least once in their life:

01. They Never Feel Truly Understood

Because of their different beliefs, interests and ideas, old souls 
never feel truly understood by those around them. They often feel a sense of separation between themselves and the rest of the world.

02. They Are Seen As Loners

Old souls are often seen as social outcasts. Even if they have a circle of friends, they are still seen as the “black sheep” of the group. They are looked at as different and a little strange. Instead of taking the time to get to know an old soul or understand their perspective, people often push them to the wayside and label them as loners.

03. They Are Often Judged For Making Decisions Based On Their Feelings

Old souls are in touch with their intuition. If something deep down inside is driving them in one direction, that’s where they’ll go. Their tendency to make decisions based on their feelings often causes them to be scrutinized by others who don’t understand.

04. They Have A Different Idea Of Fun

An old soul doesn’t need a day at a theme park to have fun. They find pleasure in the small moments. They are attracted to nature. Going on a weekend drive, sipping on a milkshake while watching the sunset or swinging in the park – these are the things that make them happy.

05. They Enjoy Being Alone, Which Can Impact Their Relationships

Being an old soul can be isolating from time to time. They enjoy being with friends and family, but they also desperately need their alone time. When loved ones don’t understand their need to unwind and recharge, it can affect their relationship.

06. They Attract Strangers

There’s just something about an old soul that makes a stranger want to come up to them and talk. Constantly lending an ear to listen can be a bit draining. Old souls have a difficult time removing themselves from the conversation because they feel some sense of duty to listen.

07. They Struggle With Possibilities

Old souls see life a bit differently. They see infinite possibilities from limitless angles. While this opens their eyes, it can also cripple them. They have trouble making decisions and often wonder if they are on the right track.

08. They Aren’t Sure If They Will Ever Find Their Home

Searching for a place to belong is something every old soul can relate to. They have a constant feeling that they don’t belong, even when they’re with friends and family members. They go through life seeking a soul mate or a kindred spirit and a place that feels like home.
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