Monday, September 26, 2016

If you’ve ever worked in retail, you know how rude some people can get. It’s like they think, ‘Y’know what? I’m the customer here. That gives me the right to treat employees here however I want.’

Austin Simms, a coffee shop owner in Roanoke, Virginia, knows what I’m talking about. One day, decided to teach his rude customers a lesson. So he put up a sign outside his shop that read:

Welcome to Cups!

“One small coffee”
“One small coffee, please”
“Hello, I’d like one small coffee please.”

“I decided, because I need to solve all the injustices of the world, to start charging more for people who didn’t take the time to say hello and connect and realize we’re all people behind the counter,” Austin told local news reporters.

Just one day after Austin put up the sign, it had gone viral, climbing to the top of popular online forum reddit. It even appeared in a newspaper all the way across the ocean in England.

Have a look at the video below to learn more about Austin Simms’ sign!

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